Paw Jog 2022 Pet Kingdom Take a leisurely walk with the dogs

Paw Jog 2022 Pet Kingdom Take a leisurely walk with the dogs

paw jog 2022

Casual walking is one of the fun activities that can fuel our bodies. Not only for us, quiet walks are also good for the health of animals, in particular dogyou know.

In addition, dogs are animals that enjoy activities out of together with the owner or what is often called paw parents.

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They also have strong stamina and are active, so they will be happy to walk casually with you.

So, what are the benefits of leisurely walks for dogs?

Although it seems simple, walking actually has many benefits for you pet you, as follows.

1. Making the animal’s body healthier

In addition to being able to strengthen the muscles of the body, a quiet walk for dogs can be an activity to prevent obesity. Excessive body weight in dogs will make it difficult to move, and also cause the appearance of many diseases.

paw jog pet reign

2. Increase the closeness between animals and their owners

You know that walking is a way to increase the closeness between the owner and the animal. You see, this common activity will make the dog more obedient because it has an internal bond.

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This is what can make us more familiar with the beloved animals. Besides that, they can also hear what you are feeling, you know.

3. Prevent stress on animals

The leisurely activity of walking can also prevent pets from feeling stressed. You see, dogs easily feel stressed if they don’t get attention from their owners. Therefore, they look sadder and become stressed.

After knowing the benefits of dog walking, are you still hesitant to invite your beloved pet to do this exciting activity?

Not only for animals, you can also feel the benefits for the health of your body.

Paw Jog Activities 2022 Pet Kingdom

paw jog 2022 animal kingdom

Taking a quiet walk with your beloved friend will certainly be more exciting if it is done together with other colleagues.

Kingdom Pet pay attention to this and provide special events so you can walk casually with your beloved animals and para paw parents other

The special event organized by Pet Kingdom is titled “Paw Jog 2022”. This activity will be carried out 18 December 2022 at Pet Kingdom, Alam Sutera.

Paw Jog 2022 is an event with a concept hybrid that you can follow online or offline. You can invite one of your beloved dogs to take a leisurely walk along the prepared path.

So what, host or event hosts lead the activity in a way online via KOL/store. As for the participants who could not challenge or challenge offline, they can do it in their respective places. Wow, how exciting isn’t it?

How to follow Paw Jog 2022 Pet Kingdom

If you want to participate in this event, there are several things you need to pay attention to, as follows.

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1. Ticket Purchase and Registration

The first thing you need to do to participate in the Paw Jog 2022 event is to buy a ticket. Well, you can buy tickets through several platformstarting from website, Tokopedia, Shopee, Bblibli, to all Pet Kingdom stores.

You can also buy tickets directly with Click here

Each ticket is valid for one person and 1 pet. Well, because it is Pre-orderthe new physical tickets will be sent on December 14-15, 2022.

After purchasing a ticket, you must register or register for the activity by completing the Pawtastic kit information on the link. or through scan the barcode below that.

pawjog registration link

2. Welcome Pawtastic kit

For those of you who cannot participate in the activity offline, Pawtastic Kit and the clothes will be sent together with the ticket, that is on December 14-15, 2022.

For participants participating in offline activities, recovery Pawtastic kit and clothes you can make in Pet Kingdom Alam Sutera during the event.

how to record pawjog

Go ahead, invite your friends to join in the fun of this animal activity! Not alone good bagat the end of the event, you can still get it door prize interesting, you know.

In fact, you may even have the opportunity to get a discount for cure animals for the first 200 registrants. Wow, can’t miss it no naturally!

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and visit now and buy tickets for Paw Jog 2022!