Patisserie Poltekpar Meda, which increases creativity, organizes a demonstration of pastry products

Patisserie Poltekpar Meda, which increases creativity, organizes a demonstration of pastry products

on time, – If we talk about tourist places, culinary is something that cannot be separated from the list of destinations. Both in Indonesia and abroad, there are always special culinary delights that are interesting to taste.

The magnitude of culinary tourism potential is a challenge for Medan Polytechnic in the cultivation and formation of tourism personnel, especially in the field of sweets in the creation of various types of bread and snacks.

One of the forums for Patisserie Management students is the Dough Screen, conducted by 5th semester students. The 2022 Pastry Screen is themed “The softness and luxury of the classic pastry world” and will be held on Thursday at Achmad Tahir Hotel, Medan. November 24, 2022.

“This activity highlights their professional MPI skills as MPI students, especially in the field of bread and cake making, from identification, preparation to presentation through this pastry demonstration,” said Rama Indra. Patisserie Management Research Program.

“The softness and luxury of the classic pastry world was chosen because the origin of the pastry is Italy and France. Then the dough became widespread and adapted to the local culture,” he added.

Pastry Display is one of the implementation of learning theory, practice and student experience after previously attending lectures and carrying out real work experiences. This Pastry Display is a learning tool for students to demonstrate their skills, ideas and attitude in securing their creativity, as well as their knowledge of pastry.

“At first, we decided in advance what kind of cake to make, its recipe and how to make it. Then how to wrap the cake to make it look attractive. The last part is that we have to be creative with display cakes,” said Fito, Head of Pastry Display for 2022, on Thursday (24/11).

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The success of this event will inspire secondary and primary students for the following year. This will be a motivation for other students to continue working in the learning process on campus and come up with creative ideas.

Pastry demonstration activity is an experiential element after learning the theory and will perfect the knowledge students have acquired during college. This Pie Display will give students more ideas and knowledge. In addition, it is also a realization of their experience while doing real work experience.

According to Plt. Director of Medan Tourism Polytechnic Dr. Ngatemin S.Pd, M.Sc, Medan Poltekpar must produce qualified tourism human resources to support the development of Tourism Regions, especially Lake Toba, one of the five super priority destinations identified by President Joko Widodo.

Chef Tubagus from Hotel Le Polonia will participate in this activity, who will evaluate the results of the student’s work. Parents of students were also invited to have the opportunity to see their children’s learning outcomes on campus firsthand.(wool/eco/rls)