Paragon for Products and Love Letters as a Customer Evaluation Form on Harpelnas Holiday

Paragon for Products and Love Letters as a Customer Evaluation Form on Harpelnas Holiday

while, – The cosmetics company, home to various leading Indonesian brands such as Wardah, Emina and Kahf, is holding Harpelnas Celebration 2022 on the occasion of National Customer Day (Harpelnas) Paragon Technology and Innovation (Paragon). A series of live activities for the National Customer Day held simultaneously in 40 cities in Indonesia from September 3-7, 2022. This event was held by Paragon as a form of gratitude and appreciation to customers for the trust and loyalty they have shown in using Paragon products. .

“Customers are always our source of inspiration. Customers who motivate us to always innovate and provide the best products. We would like to thank the loyal customers of Paragon who have accompanied us to grow together till now through Harpelnas Celebration 2022 with the theme ‘My Hero is My Soul’,” said Ronni Ardiansyah (EVP and Chief Commercial Officer of Paragon) at Harpelnas Celebration 2022 in Medan.

Harpelnas Celebration 2022 series consists of Customer Appreciation activities by Distributing Love Letters and Paragon Products as well as Gifting Bouquets to My Clients, Friends. Customer Appreciation Activities are held at popular locations in each city, such as Merdeka Square in Medan City. A total of 3,650 Wardah, Emina and Kahf products were given away by Paragon to people in hype locations who were Paragon customers and carried Paragon products in their bags. Meanwhile, My Sahabatku Customer Bouquets were hosted by Beauty Consultant Paragon throughout Indonesia. This activity is in the form of direct delivery of 665 bouquets made of Paragon products to the homes/premises of loyal Paragon customers as a form of appreciation and gratitude.

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Through the Harpelnas Celebration 2022 event, Paragon hopes to be closer and more grateful to the customers who have joined Paragon to date. Thanks to the support of customers, Paragon can continue to introduce the best innovations to develop as a leader in the cosmetics market in Indonesia. “I hope that with Harpelnas Celebration 2022, Paragon can come closer and focus on providing the best service to the customers who have been our inspiration all this time. As stated in Paragon’s mission, we are committed to creating good for our customers,” concluded Ronni Ardiansyah. (Request/ega/d2)