Often confused, these are 8 differences between ovens and microwaves

Often confused, these are 8 differences between ovens and microwaves

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At first glance, the oven and microwave it is similar. Both are in the form of blocks and are equipped with glass in the middle.

Not infrequently, this causes confusion because we often have difficulty distinguishing between these two kitchen utensils.

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But, in fact, there is a clear difference between the oven and microwave from various sides, you know. So, before you decide to buy one of these kitchen tools, you should first know the difference so that you can adjust it to your needs.

What are the Differences between Ovens and Microwave?

Although they seem similar on the outside, in fact, there are eight differences between the oven and microwave. Go ahead, see the following explanation!

1. Function & Purpose

difference between oven and microwave
Ovens can function as essential equipment in the preparation of cakes

The difference between ovens and microwave the main thing is in its function and purpose.

The oven is intended for foods that require roasting or baking (cook o roasted). While that microwave it does not have a function for grilling, because it is only able to heat the food.

When you like to do it wheels and cupcakes, that needs to be addressed cook, then the oven will be quite suitable. In any case, if you only need a workshop to heat the remains at night, then microwave is the best choice.

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2. How it works

difference between oven and microwave
If you just want to heat the food, you can rely on the microwave

The oven operates using either an electrical or gas source. Then, the oven’s heating element converts that energy into heat. Then, the heat is transferred evenly throughout the oven chamber to cook the food.

However, it is different with microwave using electromagnetic microwaves. When the microwaves are absorbed by the food, the water molecules continue to move, collide with each other, and generate heat.

This process is what causes it microwave able to increase the temperature of the food itself.

3. Time efficiency

difference between oven and microwave
When using an oven, the heating process takes longer

With a different working system, of course, the heating speed of the two tools is also different. In the oven, the heating or cooking process tends to take a long time. You see, the heat spreads out to fill the space of the oven.

In addition, the speed of cooking in the oven is also influenced by the type of oven. For example, electric ovens require a longer heating time than gas ovens.

Meanwhile, microwave be the best tool in time efficiency. This is because the heating reaction occurs directly in the food.

4. Electricity needs

Toaster Oven Kris 32 Ltr 1200 Watt - Black
The electrical power required by ovens and microwaves depends on how much they are used

In fact, the oven requires much less electricity than microwave. However, due to the long heating and ripening process, the electricity consumption also increases.

This is the opposite microwave. In use, microwave requires a large amount of electricity. However, because the heating time is so short, the consumption of electricity becomes more efficient.

5. Yield of food

difference between oven and microwave
For a uniform cooking process, you can use the oven

The cooking process in the oven starts from the outside of the food due to the hot air in the oven. As a result, your food will cook evenly with a thicker outer layer crunchy and brown, while the inside remains tender and sweet.

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Meanwhile, food products from microwave it will tend to dry. see, microwave work by reducing the water content, thus removing the moisture of the food.

Also, use it microwave It is not intended to make food crispy.

6. Volume and Size

Toaster for the oven Kris 16 Ltr - Black
Compared to the microwave, the size of the oven is very different

Compared to microwave, the ovens have a more diverse size. If you use it rarely, you can use a small oven with a size of 11 liters. In any case, you can also choose a large oven up to 50 liters if you often make cakes.

Provisional microwave, has a smaller size with a volume of no more than 30 liters. You see, this tool only works as a food warmer.

7. Food containers

Casserole Kris 1 Ltr Glass With Round Lid
Glass containers can only be used to enter the microwave

Difference microwave and the oven can also be seen by the types of food containers you can put in it.

In order microwaveyou can also use glass or plastic containers, as long as there is a label microwave safe.

Meanwhile, if you use the oven, make sure to use it alone brass, heat-resistant ceramic, or aluminum foil. You see, glass containers are more prone to shattering at too high a temperature and plastic is flammable.

8. Price

Price of ovens and microwave also very different. On the ACE Online site, you can buy an oven starting from IDR 300,000. While for microwave, You can buy from 800 thousand IDR.

These are eight differences oven and microwave what you need to know. After knowing the difference, which one do you need more?

Relax, whatever your needs, the ACE Online site has a wide collection of ovens and microwave quality, as follows.

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