OFA promotes hassle-free smoking – Stay informed online

OFA promotes hassle-free smoking – Stay informed online

on time, lacrymosemedia.com – PT. Java Vapor Indonesia, better known as Indonesia Dream Juice (IDJ), today announced the launch of its newest product, OFA with the slogan “Other Things Are Complicated, OFA Live Isep”. to consume nicotine, which is less risky and more practical.

“OFA is Indonesia’s first official and duty-free disposable brand to be launched at the end of 2021, now OFA comes with the latest technology to ensure perfect convenience and lifestyle,” said Agung Subroto, CEO of Dream Juice Indonesia, Medan, Friday ( 10/3).

This product is created to provide an alternative for people who want to experience the sensation of smoking without the hassle (Disposable and Throw away) and leaves no smell. OFA is a trend of popular social icons. We believe that OFA will become a favorite of many due to its high quality and practicality.

“OFA is about simplicity, convenience and lifestyle. We believe that life is an adventure and OFA users will take it to live in style. OFA’s sleek, contemporary design is perfect for today’s on-the-go lifestyle. OFA’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that users always have access to the latest technology. OFA will provide a premium experience that makes life EASIER and more enjoyable for its users,” continued Agung Subroto.

In addition, since OFA is the first official and duty-free product introduced by Dream Juice Indonesia in Indonesia, it is also one of Dream Juice Indonesia’s efforts to further support the #localpride movement, which has become a lifestyle in supporting businesses. . The country’s children should be more developed and developed,” he said.

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In terms of products, Indonesia Dream juice offers 2 types of OFA devices that can be chosen according to your needs and lifestyle, namely OFA OPS (Open System) and OFA Disposable. OFA is disposable for OPS (Open System) with tank and refillable with e-liquid.

“Meanwhile, OFA Disposable has a square and compact shape, where OFA Disposable e-liquid tanks cannot be refilled, so OFA is a Disposable product. But both of them can be recharged when the battery runs out.”

Flavor-wise, OFA has several options, including straw candy, lychee slush, apple juice, slush ice, and banana pie. OFA itself has 2 options for nicotine levels, namely 3% and 5%. Meanwhile, the OFA Open System, often referred to as suction or puff, has a capacity of 6,000 puffs (equivalent to 20 packs of cigarettes) and the OFA Single has a capacity of 1,500 puffs (equivalent to 5 packs of cigarettes).

“As for the volume of the e-liquid tank, the OFA Open System is 2ml and refillable, while the OFA disposable e-liquid tank is 3.8ml and non-refillable. OFA comes at an affordable price for all people, where each of the two OFA devices is priced at Rp. 160,000,” he explained.

The advantages of using OFA from Indonesia Dream Juice are that users do not have to worry about the smell sticking to the clothes, then the health risk is quite low, the price is more economical than the usual one, and according to the slogan “Another Ink”. , OFA Is Just a Matter of Staying Isep” so OFA offers practicality if you want to enjoy OFA anytime and anywhere, which of course suits today’s lifestyle where everything is simpler and more practical.

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“Indonesia Dream Juice launched OFA for the first time in Medan because it saw the high enthusiasm and interest of consumers in Medan city for OFA, and after Medan city, it will continue roadshows and research to other cities in Indonesia to further promote and promote. Bring OFA closer “Everything else is complicated, OFA is just a waste” to consumers.

So, OFA is here to support active smokers by introducing new alternative products that are less risky, more convenient, practical and fashionable.

In addition, Agung Subroto also PT. Java Vapor Indonesia, also known as Indonesia Dream Juice (IDJ), is a local subsidiary that has grown and developed rapidly in recent times, using ISO 9001 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certifications according to international standards. subsidiary of this country. distributed its products abroad in Korea, Malaysia, Ukraine, Iraq and a number of other Middle Eastern countries.

“When many experts say the economy is not doing well, this proves that this company is a lifestyle company whose market will continue to grow in any situation.

This is inseparable from the intervention of the IDJ expert team, which is Mr. Budi Satria Isman and Mr. Paras M. Nasution from bisniz.id, who have cooperated with BCA, Telkomsel, Pertamina and many other companies so far. He has been part of Indonesia Dream Juice’s consulting partner until now in terms of professional management development and management and the future development of the company in general.

“Thus, in the future, PT Java Vapor Indonesia, known as Indonesia Dream Juice, will become one of the country’s subsidiaries that can become one of the pillars of the economy at home and abroad,” he said.(wol/eko/rls/d1)

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