Note 6 Mandatory Preparations for This Aftershock!

Note 6 Mandatory Preparations for This Aftershock!

in the face of the recovery shock

Dealing with a disaster that is often unexpected requires a lot of preparation. One of them is the mandatory preparation to deal with earthquakes that often occur suddenly.

The earthquakes themselves are characterized by the appearance of vibrations from the ground that can shake the whole house, at worst it can knock down buildings or cause a tsunami.

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Recently, 12 earthquakes in one day at different times occurred in West Sumatra on August 29, 2022. This suggests that there could be aftershocks.

Aftershocks can appear on a mild scale, but do not exclude the possibility of being more severe. In addition to the preparation disaster alert bagwe also need to prepare many things to deal with the aftershocks.

So, what are the mandatory preparations for meetings?

As a form of anticipation, here are some preparations for the meetings that we need to know.

1. Use the earthquake detection app

BMKG (Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency) provides an earthquake detection application that you can access via cell phone Android or iOS. With this application, you can get information about air quality, weather forecasts and earthquakes.

Thus, you can find out when an earthquake occurs and predict the appearance of shocks. In this way, you can immediately prepare yourself and those closest to you if shocks occur.

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2. Calm the mind in the face of shock

Earthquake tremors certainly make people feel restless or panicked. In fact, in the face of an earthquake, we must remain calm. So, before facing the confrontations, try to stay calm.

With a calm mind, we can focus more and think quickly about what steps to take when facing shocks. You can calm your mind by cultivating your breath and praying.

Tips for dealing with conflicts

3. Start packing valuables

After facing the first earthquake, we will definitely be in a different state of mind. Then, after calming our minds, we can start packing our valuables at home disaster emergency bag.

Various valuables that you need to bring are money, important documents, jewelry, to several pairs of clothes. KaYou can use a mini suitcase that is easy to carry like the following.

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4. Prepare the basic necessities

Not only valuables, we also need to provide various basic necessities to accumulate during the evacuation in case of shock. Some basic necessities you can bring, from food, drinks, cleaning tools, to medicines.

Here are tips for drinking bottles to help avoid dehydration and a first aid kit.

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5. Create an alternative access outside the house during shocks

Is it easy enough to get out of the house or do you have to open multiple layers of doors? If it is difficult, then we need to create alternative access that serves as an evacuation route in case of shock.

How to do this alternative access is quite easy, you know. We can get rid of many objects that prevent when leaving the house, such as chairs, tables, wardrobes, etc.

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If our house has floors, make sure that all family members are under and near the exit. For the moment, you do not need to close the house so that it will be easy to open quickly.

Also keep a hard object, such as a hammer or other tool near the door or fence, so that it is easy to reach. The purpose of dealing with unexpected events, such as an unbroken door or a broken doorknob.

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6. Stay away from sea areas to avoid shock and tsunami

Earthquakes can happen anytime and anywhere. So, if you are near the beach or sea during an earthquake, be sure to leave the area immediately.

This is because the continued impact of an earthquake can cause a tsunami, you know. Therefore, it is better to look for areas of land that are higher and safer.

Well, there are some mandatory preparations to face the shocks that you can try to apply when the disaster occurs. Make sure you stay calm and prepare well, okay?

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