Nilfisk: Solutions for quality cleaning equipment

Nilfisk: Solutions for quality cleaning equipment

Nilfisk is mark from Denmark which produces cleaning equipment. Since 1906 Nilfisk has always adapted to market and customer needs through its products cleaning equipment innovative solution.

Together with Kawan Lama Group, now Nilfisk present in Indonesia to provide an interesting shopping experience. A variety of cleaning equipment is offered as a solution to help the business of the room unit.

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Under management Kawan Lama Sejahtera (KLS), that is one of the business units of the Kawan Lama Group on the pillar commercial and industrial, such as Providing solutions for various types of industries in Indonesia, Nilfisk offers a wide range of leading cleaning products.

Kawan Lama Sejahtera has been present since 1955 and is trusted to be the sole and main distributor of various products. mark this.

Recommended Nilfisk products you must have

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Well, this time, we have some product recommendations from Nilfisk that you can use at home or at work.

1. Fish of the Nile High pressure cleaner C105.7-6

The Nilfisk high pressure device comes with a design that compacteasy to carry, and easy to use for cleaning activities.

With high pressure up to 105 bar, Nilfisk High pressure cleaner Q105.7-6 Effective in cleaning stubborn stains on any surface.

You can use it to clean walls, gates, garages or other dirty areas, as well as to wash cars and motorbikes. This tool as well suitable for use for personal needs.

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Nilfisk cleaning equipment
High pressure cleaner Nilfisk C105.7-6

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2. Nilfisk Buddy II wet and dry vacuum cleaner

This Nilfisk vacuum cleaner is the answer to your need to instantly lift the soil in the home area, workshopand area out of.

It comes with a small and light design compared to other series, Nilfisk Buddy II vacuum cleaner capable of holding up to 12 L of soil.

In addition, the required power is not too great, so it is suitable for daily use, both in the home environment and in the office.

Nilfisk cleaning equipment
Nilfisk Buddy II vacuum cleaner

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3. Fish of the Nile Blower Air Bn3

Nilfisk Blower Air Bn3 it serves to convert air into compressed air that can be used for your various industrial needs, such as large-scale cleaning.

Force required to operate Nilfisk Blower Air Bn3 quite low at only 250 watts. In addition, this tool is equipped with a 6.5 m long cable.

Nilfisk Blower Air Bn3 attend to provides convenience with 3 operating modes (low, average, tall) and equipped with high engine resistance.

Nilfisk cleaning equipment
Nilfisk Air Blower Bn3

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Not only the products above, you can also see a selection of other Nilfisk cleaning tools offline store Nilfisk you Mall Living World Alam Sutera 1st floor block 1-05 or online at and

Shopping site online also offers the best home appliances and furniture from famous brands belonging to the Kawan Lama Group, such as ACE, Informa, Selma, Toys Kingdom, and many more.

What are you waiting for? Get quality original Nilfisk products immediately.