New Year’s Eve meal plan recommendations – Online alert

New Year’s Eve meal plan recommendations – Online alert

Jakarta, – The end of the year is a time that is often used to get together with friends or family, and one of the activities that can never be missed is the moment of eating together. Moon Chicken by Hangry, the Korean-style fried chicken brand of multi-brand culinary company Hangry, has introduced its newest menu, the Co-Moon-Al menu series, which can be your choice when you are confused about what to eat at a get-together.

Inspired by the word communal, which means public property, the Co-Moon-Al menu series stands for Full Moon Chicken for All. Customers are offered 3 (three) menu options that can be enjoyed by up to 5 people and are available at all Hangry outlets in Jabodetabek, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Medan and Makassar, as well as Moon Chicken Hub Pondok Indah Mall 3 and Moon. Chicken Hub Kemang.

Abraham Victor, CEO Hangry said: “It’s incomplete if you don’t eat with your closest people. Seeing how important this activity is, Moon Chicken by Hangry hopes to make it easier for customers to choose their menu when they’re together to enjoy more than 1 (one) person.” took the initiative to present a menu that can be viewed.”

The newest menu series from Moon Chicken by Hangry is divided into 3 (three) types of menus, namely Snack Pack, Moon Box and Full Moon Box. The snack package is a menu option with a suitable portion for 1 (one) – 2 (two) people. It contains Moon Fry, Moon Chicken Skin and Meteor Chicken. Customers can choose 1 (one) flavor Moon Fries and Moon Chicken Skin and 1 (one) other flavor from the Flavor of The Galaxy option for condiments or sauces of their choice. Flavor of The Galaxy has 7 (seven) flavors namely Moon Original, Ganjeong, Big Bang, Honey Garlaxy, Louisiana Star, Smokey Comet and Ground Zero.

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For the Moon Box and Full Moon Box menus, Moon Chicken by Hangry offers 4 (four) to 5 (five) person portions, with a choice of Korean chicken wings or Moon Fried Chicken as the main menu. For the Moon Box, customers can choose 10 (ten) pieces of Korean Chicken Wings or 2 (two) servings of Meteor Chicken, 4 (four) pieces of Moon Fried Chicken that come with 4 (four) servings of rice. Jumeokbap or Korean rice. and 2 (two) dipping sauces as per customer’s request.

As for the Full Moon Box, customers can choose 10 (ten) pieces of Korean chicken wings or 4 (four) pieces of Moon Fried Chicken that come with 2 (two).
serving of Meteor Chicken, 10 (ten) pieces of Moon Mandu, 2 (two) servings of french fries and 2 (two) dipping sauces. The Co-Moon-Al menu series can be enjoyed by customers starting from Rp. 45,000,- for a snack package, Rp. 200,000,- for Moon Box and Rp. 260.000,- for the Full Moon box.

Moon Chicken by Hangry is offering up to 25% off on various delivery service apps like GoFood, GrabFood and ShopeeFood and up to 50% off for new Hangry App users.

“Moon Box and Full Moon Box can be one of the options for customers who want to give end-of-year gifts to their closest relatives while being able to enjoy together with neat and attractive packaging. We hope that through these menus, customers can spend more pleasant moments together,” concluded Abraham. (wol/rls/ega/d1)