New Jotun paint colors for exterior walls of houses 2023

New Jotun paint colors for exterior walls of houses 2023

Jotun paint colors for the exterior walls of the house

The beautification of the exterior can be done in many ways. One thing that can be done is to use Jotun paint colors for the exterior walls of the house.

Not only can it protect the walls from many types of extreme weather, but Jotun paint can also beautify a room.

Jotun itself is a popular paint brand from Norway that is known for having the best color quality and durability.

Not only is it superior in terms of aesthetics, Jotun exterior is also known to have superior durability that makes the buildings weather resistant.

There are many variations of Jotun exterior paint colors.

So, this time has gathered a variety of Jotun paint colors for the exterior walls of the house, which you can see in the description below.

Jotun Paint Colors for the Exterior Walls of the House

1. Jotun Paint Colors for Elegant Home Exterior Walls


If you want to show the walls of your house with elegant results, you can here we go using the following external Jotun.

There are colors desert rose up to red, This variety of colors can look soft, but still classy.

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With the final result Matt, The choice of paint color for the front of the house can make the exterior of your house more beautiful bold.

If you want to add a mysterious impression, you can combine it with dark colors, such as black and gray.

2. Jotun Paint Colors for Bright Outdoor Walls


You can also consider this catalog of bright colors.

The colors presented above can make the exterior walls appear larger catches the eye.

Not only this, this line of Jotun exterior paint colors is also able to give a natural impression so that it can be combined with ornamental plant decorations. out of.

3. Jotun Paint Colors for Natural Home Exteriors

Jotun paint colors for the exterior walls of the house


If you want to produce an exterior that is attached to a natural atmosphere, you can really use this option.

The resulting colors appear sharper so that they can be used for residences that bring tropical, industrial, to modern designs. Victorian.

The resulting model is also able to refresh the view, here we go.

4. Cool Exterior Jotun Paint Colors

Jotun exterior paint color


For paint colors with fresh results, you can apply models that contain elements of blue, gray to green, like the options above.

Using these colors, the exterior walls of your residence will be cooler.

So, a modern impression can also be highlighted when using this Jotun exterior paint color.

5. Minimalist Exterior Jotun Paint Colors

Jotun paint colors for the exterior walls of a minimalist house


The choice of the color of the external wall of this house is able to show a minimalist impression for the exterior of the house.

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Currently, the minimalist design is loved by the modern society because it can minimize the hustle and bustle of the times.

In this way, colors that are not bright are often used by modern society because they do not create an overwhelming impression in the cases.

How, are you interested in applying the paint color above?


Therefore, it is a collection of Jotun paint colors for the exterior walls of the house that you should know.

Hope useful, Property People.

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