Natural ingredient! Here are 7 effective ways to get rid of ants

Natural ingredient! Here are 7 effective ways to get rid of ants

how to get rid of ants
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Apart from rats and cockroaches, the crowds of ants that are often present in the house are very disturbing. When there is a spilled drink or food crumbs somewhere, it doesn’t take much to fill it up.

Maybe you usually use insect repellent or pesticides. It’s powerful, but if you use it too often, it’s definitely not good for your health. Especially if you spray near food or drink.

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Therefore, to keep you and your family healthy, you should repel these ants with natural ingredients, of course. they love and powerful. something? This is a complete review of how to get rid of ants naturally:

Repelling ants with lemons

The first natural way to get rid of ants is with lemons. This fruit has a citrus aroma that ants do not like. The method is easy. First squeeze the lemon, then put the juice in the bottle spray After that, spray where the ants are

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Repellent ants with wheat flour

At some point, the house is usually a place for ants to appear. The use of wheat flour is very effective so that they do not come again. The trick is just to sprinkle cornmeal at that point. You can also add water on top. It looks messy for a while. Later, when the ants are visible, you can clean the flour.

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Repels ants with essential oils

The next way to get rid of ants at home is with essential oils. The compound in this oil, namely cinnamaldehyde, has been shown to be able to repel incoming hordes of ants. The trick is to spray the oil where the ants come from. Shortly after being sprayed, they will disperse and not come back.

Use Loose Powder

Ants are the type of animals that do not like to walk through dust because it sticks to their bodies. Seeing this fact, you can use different sows that are at home. Simply spread it in several places where the ants come, such as floors, doors, windows, or other places.

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Using vinegar

The next way is to use vinegar. In addition to being effective, this ingredient is also easy to find in the nearest food places. The trick is to just mix the vinegar with water, then dab it in the place where the ants are. The pungent aroma will make the ants disappear.

Using Pepper or Chili Powder

The last natural way to get rid of ants is to use pepper or chili powder. It’s easy, just sprinkle it around the food or drink that will attract the ants to come. The spicy aroma will make the ants refuse to approach the food.

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