Mysterious sounds commonly heard at home and explanations

Mysterious sounds commonly heard at home and explanations

Explanation of mysterious sounds that often appear at home, have you ever heard of one of them?

Have you often heard the sound of water gurgling in the bathroom at night, even if no one was inside the faucet at the time? Or do you often hear a mysterious knock on the wall when everyone is asleep? Do you often feel tense at night because your electronics suddenly burn out on their own? Do you suspect these are signs of paranormal world activity happening in your home on those nights? Well, not necessarily. There are many things that we think of as supernatural occurrences that are actually ordinary occurrences and can be explained by logic. And if what happens in your home are the things mentioned above, then maybe the explanation is as follows:

Mysterious sound of bubbling water

The sound of rushing water at night. Many people think that the sound of running water must come from a water faucet, but unfortunately it is not true. Many can make gurgling water sounds, including the flush tub on a modern sitting bath and the exhaust system in a washing machine. And the sound you hear could be because the valve of your toilet is loose or does not close completely, so the water continues to flow. There could be water running all the time, be it day or night. It’s just that during the day the sound is not heard clearly because it is overwhelmed by other sounds in your home, such as TV, music, etc. While at night, when the atmosphere is quiet, the sound is clear and strong. To be sure, you can do a thorough check and inspection of the faucets and drains to find the source of the problem.

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Mysterious sound of the wall

Mysterious tapping sound on the wall that repeats itself. It could be, the cause of the blow in your wall is due to the vibration of the pipe embedded in the wall. The pipe vibrates because the air pressure is very high, so when the pressure is released it causes vibrations or movement in the pipe. And when it vibrates, the pipe hits your wall, creating that mysterious tapping or thumping sound you perceive.

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Electronic buzzing sound

An electronic device that suddenly buzzes at night. Well, you need to know that some electronic devices like refrigerators and air conditioners are created to always maintain a stable temperature. And when the temperature changes, the motor automatically turns on to return the temperature to a predetermined position. This happens even during the day, but maybe you rarely hear or notice, but at night, it sounds so clear. Some modern devices have a much quieter hum than older devices. So, to deal with the loud buzzing, you may have to consider replacing your old device with a new/modern one.

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In fact, there are still many incidents in your home that you think are strange, but can be explained in a logical way, such as the sound of scratching on a door or ceiling, which is really the sound of rodents or rats; the sound of a quick knock on the bedroom door which turns out to be the sound of a fast running lizard; and so on.

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