More than 20 unique and modern minimalist garden ideas

More than 20 unique and modern minimalist garden ideas

minimalist home garden

Who does not want to have a beautiful garden at home? Imagine sitting and relaxing while drinking coffee in the afternoon and accompanied by a green view, as well as music in the garden, it must be really fun, right?

No need to get confused if you have a narrow area. You see, a minimalist garden can be the right solution. Indeed, designing a garden in a narrow area is challenging, but this can also be an advantage over an ordinary large garden.

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Due to the limited area, the cost too minimalist is quite minimal. Also, we can add freshness to the house, you know.

So, what are the minimalist garden ideas in a small house like?

Instead of being confused, we have some of the most fascinating minimalist garden ideas as follows.

1. Take Advantage of Leftovers Space next to the house

A minimalist house is located on a narrow plot of land. Therefore, we must be smart to use the rest space. Try looking at the small garden next to the kitchen or family room. If there is space, you can turn it into a beautiful garden.

Just add it Chaise lounge and a small garden table like the inspiration below.

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minimalist garden near the house
Take advantage of the land near the house to create a beautiful minimalist garden.

2. Create a Minimalist Garden on the Balcony

Always on the use space, We can also create a garden on the balcony of the second or third floor of your house. Indeed, one of the characteristics of a minimalist house is its architecture that does not expand, but rises.

Instead of the top floor balcony being left inactive, we can turn it into a small garden. Simply place the pots around the balcony, and then, add a swing chair in the corner of the balcony, as in the following example.

minimalist garden house balcony
Beautify the balcony of the house by creating a beautiful garden.

3. Take advantage of the terrace of the house

So that the garden area looks wider and more spacious, you can design a garden like this. The key is to put a wooden floor on the terrace of the house. Then, add a garden chair with a dark color, like the inspiration below.

minimalist garden with open grass
Leave an open grass area to make it look nicer and fresher.

4. Work around with the Minimalist Cement Pot Placement

Planting plants directly on the ground can sometimes give the impression of being messy. Therefore, put the plants in a row in a minimalist concrete pot to adjust the shape of the available space. Thus, the garden seems wider.

minimalist garden with concrete pots
Top image:

5. Cute Garden in the Corner of the Terrace

Narrow land is no excuse for a minimalist garden. We can also take advantage of the corner of the terrace of the house and turn it into a garden with colorful flowers. Although it is small, this garden also adds freshness to the house, you know.

Minimalist garden corner terrace
Top image:

6. Minimalist garden on the stairs of the terrace

Not rarely the main part of the house is made higher than the terrace and the courtyard. Well, we can use the staircase area as a lovely little garden, like the inspiration below.

minimalist garden between the stairs
Top image:

7. Combine with Pebbles and Rocks

The placement of excessive plants will give the impression of a mess. Therefore, we must adjust the composition of the garden so that it looks good with the available land. One way is to add pebbles and rocks to make it more aesthetic.

minimalist garden with rocks
Combine rocks with plants to make the garden cleaner.

8. Add Water Element

In the midst of the hustle and bustle of urban life, the sound of natural gurgling water is able to awaken peace of mind and soul. Therefore, adding a pond and a small fountain will give more meaning to a minimalist garden at home.

minimalist pond garden
Top image:

9. Make the Garden Functional

The basic concept of minimalism is to keep it simple and prioritize function. A garden with grass bed is an example of a functional minimalist garden model. You can relax on a natural mattress made of grass, without adding a chair.

summa image:

10. Roof garden

Do you still remember the characteristics of a minimalist home? Yes, the roof is not triangular but flat. Well, you can use this roof for roof gardening aka garden on the roof. Enjoy the morning and evening relaxing at roof.

Top image:

11. Minimalist Garden in Oriental Style

This minimalist garden can be quite a unique garden idea. Combined with bamboo and stone elements, you can feel the atmosphere of a tea ceremony in Japan.

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Top image:

12. One with the Four Elements of Nature

This minimalist garden idea features the four main elements of earth, namely water, fire, air and earth. This can be shown by the color selection of patio furniture and the placement of the garden in an open space. Guaranteed that you will feel completely one with nature.

13. Minimalist Garden with Nice Lighting

In addition to visually beautifying the garden at night, the right lighting can also reach a narrow garden area to make it look more spacious and relieved. Use LED downlights to get the best artificial light for your home garden.

sum image:

14. Keep it Simple

Simple but meaningful, this is the essence of the minimalist concept. This simple garden concept can be the most beautiful addition to the terrace or patio of the house. Just add a comfortable chair next to the ornamental plants as an area to sit and relax.

simple minimalist garden
Keep the garden simple and straightforward to accentuate the minimalist impression.

15. Vertical Minimalist Garden

Don’t have any flat land left for your minimalist garden? Relax, you can imitate this vertical garden idea. With optimal space efficiency, a vertical minimalist garden is no less beautiful than an ordinary garden. you know!

summa image:

16. Minimalist Garden with Vertical Furniture

Who says that only plants can be placed vertically? To be seen anti-mainstream, you can make a vertical sofa attached to the wall. This idea is suitable for limited land, but you also want to relax on a soft bench.

Top image:

17. Picnic in the middle of Unique Pots

If you find it difficult to treat the soil with loose soil, you can try this alternative.

Place all the plants in a variety of unique pots and arrange them close together. In this way, the garden will be shaded and suitable for use as a picnic area.

minimalist garden with shady plants
Place different plants in nice pots to make them look like shadows.

18. Potted fruit tree and flowers

Well, this idea is another vertical garden concept that will make your minimalist vertical garden look very unique. The concept is to use a kind of “shelf” in the shape of a tree with many ring to put the pot on.

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Once planted, you can get a tree that can bear fruit, vases and flowers. Very unique, right?

sum image:

19. They love Wall painting 3D

For you children artistic, An aesthetic garden can be born from your creative hands. Just imagine the wall of the house as a blank canvas, then start painting the garden according to your imagination.

Finally, give the plants in some parts to see a 3D garden, like the following.

minimalist garden
Top image:

20. Futuristic Pure White

This minimalist garden uses only a few plots as a planting area. Then, add a garden table with a soft seat to make it look more elegant and modern.

futuristic minimalist garden
A minimalist garden with a futuristic design that blends with nature.

21. Minimalist garden in the house

There are hundreds of full moon trying to make a garden, but can not because the land in front of the house is too narrow? There is nothing wrong with making a minimalist garden in your home. In any case, make sure that the garden is made with windows so that the plants are bright enough.

minimalist garden in the house
Present the concept of a minimalist garden in the house to make it look natural.

22. Use the Leftover Space Under the Staircase

If space below the internal staircase Harry Potter turned into a room, space under the stairs of your house can not be less interesting. You can turn it into a minimalist garden. Just add spotlights to make the garden enchanting.

summa image:

23. Square mirrors for the illusion of a wider garden

Try installing a rectangular mirror on the garden wall. Guarantee that your garden will look 2 times more spacious and bright. Just add a round garden table and comfortable chairs to make the atmosphere seem warmer.

Top image:

With more than 20 ideas of creating a minimalist garden above, of course, you are no longer confused about the type of garden you want to create.

Narrow land is no longer a problem. Because, everything can be handled in the right way. The result? Beauty will arise even in the midst of limitations.

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