Minimalist natural stone fish pond inspiration for home Halaman

Minimalist natural stone fish pond inspiration for home Halaman

Natural stone fish ponds can make the home atmosphere more cool and beautiful. You can place this decorative element on the front or back porch of the house. In fact, even if the area of ​​your terrace is limited, you can still present an ornamental pond of natural stone, as long as the size is suitable.

In its manufacture, make sure that the type of natural stone for the fish pond is appropriate so as not to damage the ecosystem and beautify the home decor. Well, the types of natural stone that you can use are slate, river stone, mountain stone, temple stone, and Sukabumi green stone. If you don’t want the hassle, you can order directly from the pool manufacturer. Relax, the price of natural stone for fish ponds is usually calculated based on the area, really. If it is installed at the same time, it will be calculated with the cost of the partner.

For those of you who intend to make a natural stone fish pond for home decoration, some of the following inspirations may be misleading. Go ahead, take a look at the description!

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1. Natural Rock Fish Pond with Mini Garden

Nature Rock Fish Pond
(the fir tree)

If the home page is limited, you can make a minimalist design of natural stone pool with a small size. As a focal point, you can use large pieces of wood around the pool. In this way, the pool will be in the form of a beautiful basin. Well, to add a natural and natural impression, try adding green plants around the pool or in the water. Thanks to the addition of these plants, the atmosphere of the garden is tight, it feels like in the garden.

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2. Small natural stone fish pond

Nature Rock Fish Pond
(Joy of DIY)

A small natural stone fish pond like the picture above is suitable for use in the front garden of a house with limited land. Although it is small, but this pool can be focal point because it looks unique and beautiful.

Around the pond, you can add large and stacked natural stones. On the one hand, you can add the flow of water from the ceramic to give a natural and natural impression. Do not forget to add water plants as additional decorations to beautify this small pond. Even if you’re on a budget, you still look great, right?

3. Minimalist Fish Pond with Circular Rocks

Nature Rock Fish Pond
(Bob Villa)

The picture above can be one of the inspirations for a minimalist natural stone koi pond. With its circular shape, the fish can swim freely. Not only in terms of the ecosystem, but the design of this pool is also not complicated in its arrangement. You just need to arrange the stones of the river in a circle, then decorate it with aquatic plants.

If possible, it can also be added to the flow of water, like a waterfall. Well, to add a nice impression at night, you can put a yellow light around the pool. Simple, but looks great!

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4. Natural Stone Fish Pond for Koi

Nature Rock Fish Pond

If you want to keep koi fish, it is better to make a big pond. You can do it in your front or back yard. For the designs, you don’t need to be complicated, use them layout simplicity by installing large rocks on the edge of the pool. If you want to add green, you can just put it on the sides of the pond. In this way, the koi fish can swim freely. Well, as for natural stone for koi fish ponds, you can use river stones to be more effective.

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5. Modern Minimalist Natural Stone Fish Pond

Nature Rock Fish Pond
(Pond Informer)

The modern natural stone fish pond is suitable to be placed in a minimalist style house. For the shape of the pool, you can use a rectangle that is compact to make it look elegant. Meanwhile, the arrangement can be given a pile of andesite stones on one side to give a modern impression. As a final touch, you can add a water shower under the andesite stone decoration, so it looks aesthetic.

6. Modern natural stone fish pond

Nature Rock Fish Pond

The design of a natural stone fish pond does not only use river stones. You can also use stone slabs or temple stones which are equally sturdy. To add a natural impression, you can place a ceramic or stone pot in the pool area. This at the same time can be focal point fish pond in your garden. However, because the natural stone elements are not too obvious, it is better to place this pool in the area of ​​the wall with exposed stone.

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7. Natural Stone Fish Pond with Bridge

Nature Rock Fish Pond
(it’s trending)

On the home page with limited land, you can make a natural stone pool with the addition of a deck above. This bridge can be made with stone or flat andesite. So, to take advantage of each side of the patio, the bridge can be directed directly to the entrance. In this way, every remaining area is functional.

In addition to considering the function, it would be better if you also think about the decoration. There is no need to confuse, the decoration is enough to use the green plants that are commonly used in the home page. You can also add a stone statue in a corner.

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8. Natural Stone and Glass Fish Pond

Nature Rock Fish Pond

Do you want to bring a modern impression to a natural stone fish pond? If so, you can add glass to the design. Not only modern, the glass can also give the fish pond a luxurious impression, you know! Especially if you can add a fountain in the middle like in the picture.

As a final touch, also add greens around. Not only that, pebbles or small pumice stones around the pool to keep it looking natural.

Here are some natural stone fish pond design inspirations that you can cheat on. From the design above, which one interests you?

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