Method and cost of making the certificate of inheritance

Method and cost of making the certificate of inheritance

certificate of inheritance
Illustration of the heir’s certificate (source: Shutterstock)

The existence of an inheritance certificate or SKW is important, especially for those who have inheritance in the form of houses, apartments or land. The existence of this letter can certainly minimize the occurrence of disputes about inheritance rights.

Function of the certificate of inheritance

Having a Certificate and Declaration of the heir has a very important role, because its existence can make a person legally valid as an heir of his dead parents. The existence of this SKW also works for various matters related to the name of the heir it has die This SKW is done in the religious courts or in the district courts.

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Some Functions of the Certificate of Inheritance

  • Proof of someone’s validity as an heir
  • With this SKW, an heir can withdraw deposits/savings on behalf of the testator at the Bank
  • With this SKW, an heir can change the name of the land certificate or sell it

Documents to make the declaration of the heir

  • Photocopy of the identity card of the heir
  • Photocopy of the heir’s family card
  • Photocopy of the identity card of the heir/deceased parent
  • Photocopy of the marriage certificate of the heir/deceased parent
  • Death certificate of the heir/parent from the kelurahan
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How to make a certificate of inheritance

  • Make a letter of application from RT/RW
  • Take the application letter to the kelurahan office, from there the kelurahan will provide several forms that need to be filled
  • After you bring documents from the kelurahan to the religious court office to get a fatwa of inheritance

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Time to make the certificate of inheritance

According to Supreme Court Circular No. 3 of 1998 on the Settlement of Matters, the time for the preparation of the heir’s affidavit lasts 6 (six) months.

Cost of making a certificate of inheritance

In some cities, the cost of making this letter has been released, but there are also regions that also apply fees. Based on the Law on Religious Courts Article 90 paragraph 1, the fees for submitting a fatwa of inheritance are in the form of stamp fees, witness fees, oath, examination, summons fees, notification of the case.

How easy it is to make a Declaration of Heirs. In Lamudi you can also find various information related to inheritance, such as how to change the name of an inherited land certificate or make an inherited land certificate.

Process of making the certificate of inheritance

  • The Claimant submits a Certificate of Inheritance that has been signed by the heir, 2 witnesses, the local village head with supporting documents.
  • The staff receives the file and checks the completeness of the file, when it is complete, it is delivered to the Head of Section.
  • The Head of the Section verifies the completeness of the file and when it is complete, the coordination initial is given and submits the file to the District Secretary.
  • The District Secretary checks the file and gives the initials of the coordination, then returns it to the Head of Section.
  • The Head of Section brings a letter to the Camat for signature
  • After this, the letter was returned to the staff to be given a registration number.
  • The staff provides the registration number for the Inheritance Certificate and does the documentation.
  • The applicant receives a letter that has been given a registration number.
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Sample proof letter of heir

After reading the explanation above, you can see an example of the heir’s certificate here:

certificate of inheritance

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