Meet the needs of Indonesian women, this is a skin care solution to look beautiful

Meet the needs of Indonesian women, this is a skin care solution to look beautiful

JAKARTA, – It is every woman’s dream to have a super bright, healthy, supple face like an artist. Now comes the latest skin care brand With a light purple screen, can pamper the skin of women, teenagers and Indonesian celebrities.

According to Irzan Nurman, MSc, FINEM, an international medical professional in the field of functional medicine, there are many factors that make skin beautiful and unhealthy, including stress from exposure to sunlight, pollution, and exposure to gadgets.

Director and Founder PT. Tangkas Kreasindo Gemilang, Erick Rachyandi said he offers skin care with, a brand that provides skin care products that are women-friendly, women-friendly, to recognize their skin and treat it in a healthy, supple and safe way.

“ products are designed for Indonesian women from all walks of life, from early college to mid-30s, who are active both indoors and outdoors. This product is very suitable for women who want to get a healthy and beautiful face without taking too much effort or taking care of their skin,” he said on Friday (11/11) in Jakarta.

As a friend of Indonesian women, will always support them in knowing their beauty needs so that they know their skin needs and love their skin for sure. We call it ‘Know Thyself, Love Thyself,'” Eric added. products are here to be a good friend to help women know themselves better, including recognizing their unique skin needs based on skin type, age and habits/daily activities. Women can find products that are suitable for them by knowing their skin.

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As a woman’s friend, truly understands the importance of beautiful and healthy skin. Through deep and comprehensive research, develops a unique formula of active ingredients that can precisely meet the skin’s needs to be healthy and beautiful.

“At, we call it right. The right formula backed by the latest technology makes very affordable. “Millennials can use the rest of their skincare budget for other worthwhile things, from hobbies, education expenses or investments,” said Eric.

Meanwhile, one of the directors of PT Tangkas Kreasindo Gemilang, Mariska Wicaksono, noted that who doesn’t want beautiful, healthy glowing skin? has answered this problem with the advancement of the Brightening Factor Series. The main function of this super-brightening product is to brighten the facial skin and at the same time retain moisture, soften, improve skin regeneration, protect the skin from the effects of sunlight, and help balance the moisture of the facial skin and maintain the elasticity of the skin.

“The latest technology allows the active ingredients to be perfectly absorbed quickly and accurately without sticky effects, so that skin care procedures do not take long and women can directly engage in activities such as exercising or dressing using cosmetics,” said Mariska.

On October 27, 2020, a series of products were launched under the name Brightening Factor Series, such as: Brightening Factor Daily Face Wash, Brightening Factor Daily Serum, Brightening Factor Daily Eye Serum, Day and Night Brightening Factor Basic a skincare requirement Moisturizing and Brightening Factor Daily UV Protection.

“All series products are approved by BPOM and also works with doctors for product safety,” he said.

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In addition to providing guidance on the correct and effective use of skin care, will also share tips for a productive lifestyle for Indonesian women. All available through social media i.e. Instagram, facebook and account name tiktok, WA: 081269698090 or email: [email protected].

During this launch period, is offering various discounts and free shipping. These can be viewed through official online sales channels at Shopee and Tokopedia under the name Soon it can be seen on our official website ie:

“We hope that having on the world map of Indonesian beauty is beneficial for everyone. For this, we are opening opportunities for anyone interested in becoming our resellers, which we call the staff, to grow together as a skin care development ecosystem.’s big plan is not only to grow domestically, but also to expand its business to the global market with partners that will help meet the needs of the global market,” explained Mariska.(wol/eco/rls/d2)