Meet Office Pods, today’s workspace solution

Meet Office Pods, today’s workspace solution


Office pods is a small to medium-sized room for meetings, phone calls or work. Presence office pods closely related to the concept of workspace trends open space which is widely used in offices today. A workspace with a concept open space it was chosen because it gives employees the flexibility to interact with other employees. The interior of the office also seems more spacious without a partition.

However, this seems to be the trend open space in the office is not entirely comfortable for all employees. An open room presents a risk of noise, so it can bother employees who need high concentration at work. In addition, the office still needs a private room for important meetings that require privacy or online meetings that require a quiet atmosphere. Look office pods can be a solution for these needs.

Different kinds office pods comes with an attractive design and features to support office productivity. Let’s look at some types and materials office pods next!

Acoustic office capsules

Meet Office Pods, today's workspace solution

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Just like his name, acoustic office pods specially designed for sound dampening. Acoustic office capsules usually equipped with sound absorbers around the room so that the sound from inside cannot be heard outside, and vice versa.

Office pods This type is suitable for telephone purposes, as well as for employees who need a high degree of calmness in the performance of work.

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Meet Office Pods, today's workspace solution

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Acoustic office capsules it can also be a private room for meetings with important clients. No need to bother looking for space meeting private outside the office, private meetings can still be held inside acoustic office pods in the middle open space your office.

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Outdoor office floors

Meet Office Pods, today's workspace solution


Not just for needs closed, office pods it can also be placed outdoors. Outdoor office floors allows office workers to feel a new atmosphere at work.

To shape external office subs A unique design can be one of the design tricks for those of you who want to present a more contemporary office atmosphere.

Garden office under

Meet Office Pods, today's workspace solution

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The guy with external office subs, garden office under even placed outside the room. interestingly, garden office under offers a beautiful view of the garden that will support productivity. It will certainly be very pleasant to work or have a meeting in a cool garden environment with privacy and an atmosphere that is still suitable inside office pods.

Materials for office pods

Meet Office Pods, today's workspace solution


After knowing the various types office podsYou also need to know the choice of materials office pods. Usually, office pods made of material board or added panels coating MDF. Walls, floors and roofs office pods it can also be lined with sound absorbing material in the form of foam or foam upholstery special.

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Meet Office Pods, today's workspace solution

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In addition, you can also make office pods with glass material. Although it is transparent, a film coating can be added office pods of glass to obscure some areas to maintain privacy. There is also technology window switch or car matte glass. That way you can choose if you want office pods allowed to see or not.

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That’s the inspiration for the review and the concept office pods attractive for your office. Visit lacrymosemedia and find articles until today about products, building materials, as well as other design tips and inspiration!