Make a dam at the door of the house and the stairs

Make a dam at the door of the house and the stairs

How to make a dam at the door of the house

Prevent the flood from entering by making a catch at the door of the house. Curious? Follow how it works and the steps here!

Current rainfall is increasingly unpredictable, and the climate anomaly has also increased in recent months.

Even moderate rain can cause flooding, even areas that rarely flood can still be affected.

Therefore, it is very important to anticipate so that water does not enter the house when it rains heavily or floods.

Because, if he entered the house, he will certainly harm the occupants of the house.

Not only submitted, the material of the furniture can also be affected so that it becomes damaged.

To overcome this, one of the right solutions is to use a gate to stop the flooded water.

What is the process how it works and tips to do it? Check out the discussion together!

Dam design at the door of the house

Dam at the Door of the House


The main part of this door system is a waterproof material that is then attached to the pillars or parallel to the edge of the house fence.

The use of large plates is adapted to the width of the door and the height of the free plates according to the needs, because when there is a flood on the road, the plate is installed from the outside.

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Then it is given pressure so that it stays firmly at the pillars of the wall of the fence and the part of the road below.

Because there are no gaps in the water side, you can also add rubber to the bottom to keep rainwater.

Then, the plate is pressed against the lower door, with the rubber tube inflated with air or another gas so that it expands.

The rubber tube in a deflated state is tucked between the plate and the support is strong enough, according to the needs.

The amount of air or gas that is filled in the rubber tube is such that the pressure generated at the bottom is stronger, without water leaking into the yard.

How Door Dams Work

How the dam gate works


  1. The main part in the plate at the pillar of the turnstile and the rectangular hole in the base
  2. door, so that there is no room for water to enter the house.
  3. The contact of the plate with the turnstile pillar and the rectangular hole is added with rubber or soft material.
  4. The plate is given a fairly strong push towards the door pillar and the hole in the bottom, so it is firmly attached.
  5. The air is filled by a pump or a compressor that passes through the essential.
  6. If the flood has subsided, it can be removed by removing the valve and then releasing the pressure on the door.
  7. In addition, the plate fence can be installed inside or outside, depending on the need.

How to make a dam at the door of the house

Plywood for flooding


After knowing the principle of operation and the design of a house door dam, you can do it with the following simple steps:

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1. Choice of raw materials

You can make a house door dam with many types of materials, either iron or plywood.

The iron board or plywood serves as a barrier for water to enter the house, then it is installed in the door.

2. Put a candle in between the plywood

So that the areas of iron or plywood work perfectly, you can add plasticine in the wide part of the door so that water cannot enter.

The use of this plasticine has a positive impact on the infiltration of water that enters slightly, because it works perfectly.

3. Add Rubber in the Bottom If Needed

Not only plasticine, you can also add rubber to the bottom in the shape of a globe so that the water from below does not enter.

4. Only suitable for houses with low standing water

Even if the door dam at home is claimed to be able to block incoming floods, you can use this dam for puddles in the low category.

If in a flood setting, you can use this dam door to flood the size of the adult’s ankle to the heel.


These are many things about how to make a dam of the door of the house with its design and how it works for the Properties.

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