Luxury apartments in Seoul that can be an inspiration

Luxury apartments in Seoul that can be an inspiration

Feeling the city of Seoul, maybe for some Indonesians, it is now familiar. The capital of South Korea, as well as the place where Korean musicians and artists come from, has entered as a major tourist destination for tourists. It is no wonder that there are many interesting places of accommodation, one of which is a luxury apartment in Seoul with a contemporary design in Korean style.

lacrymosemedia – Apartment living is now an attractive solution for millennials to live. With prices that tend to be much cheaper than residential houses, you can get complete facilities with a living area in the center of the capital. However, what kind of attractive design makes an apartment comfortable to live in? Aesthetic designs in Korean style are now more and more popular.

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Luxury apartment designs in Seoul that are suitable for your residence

For inspiration, let’s take a look at some of the names of luxury apartments in Seoul that you can use as examples of interesting apartment ideas where you live.

Luxury apartments in Seoul Forest Triimage

Design of luxury apartments in Seoul

The first luxury apartment in Seoul comes from head Super Junior is Leeteuk. This apartment belonging to a K-Pop idol, which is near the Seoul forest, has an extraordinary view. With a pretty fantastic purchase price, Pins can get a fantastic interior.

The use of wooden floors combined with dark colored furniture makes the apartment feel elegant but still minimal. Freedom of movement also wants to be highlighted in this model of an apartment. It can be seen that residents want to prioritize comfort while resting.

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A priori to a minimalist iron staircase design with a spiral pattern, this apartment deserves to be an inspiration. Sla Seoul is the name of a luxury apartment in Seoul that is located in Jongno area, Seoul. With the design of the bedroom on the top floor, it makes the relaxing room bigger and certainly not cramped.

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For apartment residents, the family room is an important space that must have a larger space than other rooms. This is because almost most of the activities are carried out in that place. That is why the two-story design above is very suitable to be applied to apartments with limited land.

House of white linen

Design of luxury apartments in Seoul

Well, for Pins who like Korean style designs aesthetic, here it is. The White Linen House, which is located in the Gangnam-Gu area, Seoul, maintains an attractive design with the use of a striking white color. All the furniture deliberately uses wood material combined with a cool white contrast.

As a result, the residence feels more comfortable and safe instagrammable. Do not use a lot of decorations is one of the tips that should be followed to give the impression of an apartment that looks spacious.

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Luxury apartment in Seoul called Hannam The Hill


If Pins hears the apartment complex above, Pins will surely know that the complex is an elite complex where Korean artists live. Starting from RM and Jimin BTS to G-Dragon who is a member of Big Bang, lives in the area. The Nine One Hannam complex, which is the name of a luxury apartment in Seoul, is expected to have the best security access. GD is one of them, he uses a design like an art gallery in his apartment.

Pins you will see the colors meet with the unique furniture inside. This can be an interesting inspiration for those of you who do not like monotonous apartment models. The wall mural design can also be one of the wall decorations in an apartment design like this.

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luxury apartment in Seoul

If Pins likes feminine designs in the appearance of the space, this luxury apartment in Seoul can be an interesting inspiration. Contemporary pastel colors that suit the atmosphere of the room make it look great home. Also, using some typical Korean style lights installed in many corners of the room. The occupation will feel warm and of course comfortable. Pins can also use pastel wall paint colors to complement the room you know!

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UH Suite Myeongdong


Well, here is another Pins, to create a warm atmosphere in the house, especially apartments. You can play with the decorations and the placement of attractive lamp designs in all corners of the room. One of them is the technique of placing lights behind the ceiling or with a lamp wall lamp. A warm atmosphere is distributed evenly throughout the space. Especially if Pins has an open bathroom design or bathroom beautiful as in UH ​​Suite​​​​ The Myeongdong apartment.

Lee Jae, Jung-Gu, Seoul

Design of luxury apartments in Seoul

Use of design smart furniture in the occupation of the apartment is also one of the interesting tips in the management of the furniture. For example, in one of the apartments in the area of ​​Jung-Gu called Lee Jae. Good in selection furniture as long as the material used uses an attractive design.

In addition, the residents benefit greatly from the space after the room. No wonder the reviews are so good. Not only that Pins, also the decorations inside home and very simple.

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Dwyane’s luxury home


The appearance of futuristic residences in Korea is also not inferior to Pins with other countries. Apartments like Dwyane’s Luxury House carry it. Continuing to prioritize the white color typical of Korean designs with furry carpets, the residents added the use of a bold red color.

In addition, the use of furniture in it that steals attention can be used as inspiration. Your apartment will feel fun and definitely artistic. See the use of chairs and tables to relax, lovely isn’t it?

Han River Apartments Bamseom

luxury apartment in Seoul

Change to where members live girl band The famous Korean Blackpink made the name of this luxury apartment in Seoul. Han River Bamseom Apartments, chosen by members with attractive designs in it. It has 4 separate bedrooms, with a modern minimalist interior design.

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Don’t forget the soft soft carpet that adorns the guest room of the four popular members of K-Pop with the song “How do you like it?‘. See the monochrome color combination in it that is in perfect harmony with the theme of the space.

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Brownstone Legend Apartment Seoul


Actor Lee Seung Gi, star of the movie “Vagabond”, also has a luxury residence in the Samseong-dong area of ​​Seoul. Prioritizing a residence in minimalist style, the living room of the apartment looks very spacious.

The ivory white color of the modern sofa combined with the contrast of the cream color in the room creates a calm atmosphere. The design of dim lights combined with wooden furniture can also neutralize the atmosphere of the room. See the application above, feel comfortable, Pins!

Luxury apartment in Seoul Owned by Xiumin EXO

Design of luxury apartments in Seoul
(1st ave)

Seeing the design of this apartment, it is quite minimalistic without much decoration in it. This apartment belonging to a member of the boy band EXO, Xiumin, features a minimalist space arrangement with a mix of monochrome colors. The floors used are also colored ash gray which is very similar to the original color of the concrete floor. The look of the interior is attractive, but still looks elegant.

How the Korean apartment looks above, very interesting, isn’t it Pins? Try modifications and adaptations to your apartment house, who knows that you will not lose because of them you know!

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