Location, Terms and Conditions Pawn Shop Certificate, complete

Location, Terms and Conditions Pawn Shop Certificate, complete

Illustration of a mortgage for a house certificate (source: shutterstock)

The methods and conditions for pawning a house certificate to be approved.

Choosing a bank loan is a smart solution for those who want to get funds both to develop their business and for other purposes. Because, in addition to being more secure, the interest on the credit at the bank is relatively smaller compared to having to choose to borrow money for lenders.

Of course, when you apply for credit through a bank or other financial institution, there are a series of procedures that must be completed by the debtor, one of which is to include the collateral as collateral. In Indonesia, there are many securities that can be paid, such as BPKB for cars, motorbikes, employee appointment letters or SK and house/land certificates.

One of the collateral that is often paid by debtors is the mortgage of house/land certificates. Because the certificate of this house is considered to have a high value and does not experience depreciation if it is resold.

Well, for those of you who want to apply for a loan through a house mortgage certificate and are still confused about how to do it, this time Lamudi will discuss some of the requirements to apply for a loan through a house/land mortgage . certificate

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Pawn House / Land Certificate to the Bank

Banks are one of the favorite places for debtors who want to find funds by mortgaging house certificates. There are many types of credit that can be taken by mortgaging this house certificate, starting from working capital loans, investment loans, multipurpose loans and others.

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Terms of the Certificate of Pawning House to the Bank

Of course, there are several conditions that must be met by debtors when they want to pledge a house certificate in a bank, including:

  • Photocopy of the identity card
  • Copy of Marriage Certificate (if married)
  • Copy of family card
  • Copy of TIN
  • Copy of salary
  • Photocopy of employee information from the company
  • Copy of savings book

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The condition of the mortgaged house in the bank

In addition, the bank also has several criteria for the type of house that can be mortgaged, for example, the house must not be near the Sutet tower, not flood, and the width of the road in front of the house is at least. 3 meters.

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The maximum loan amount if you guarantee a house certificate to the bank

The maximum loan amount that can be received by the applicant is a maximum of 80 percent of the total value of the guarantee. For example, if the value of your house is estimated at IDR 100 million, then the maximum loan you will receive is IDR 80 million.

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Pawnshop Home Warranty Certificate

In addition to banks, you can also pledge house/land certificates in pawnshops, there are many types of pawnshop products that can accept house certificates as collateral. For example, KCA (Fast and Safe Credit), KRASIDA (Credit With Pawn System), to KAGUM (Multipurpose Credit For General).

Requirements for the guarantee of a house certificate at the Pawnshop

The requirements to mortgage a house certificate in a pawnshop are quite simple, you must prepare several documents, including:

  • Photocopy of the identity card
  • Copy of family card
  • Copy of TIN
  • Original house certificate
  • Complete the loan form

Advantages and Tips for Pawning a Home Certificate

Before deciding to mortgage the house certificate. Understand in advance the benefits and tips to be fraud free:

Pawn Advantage Certificate

  • The amount of the loan is quite high
  • The application process is quite easy
  • Can be paid anytime/faster
  • Receives HGB and SHM certificates

Pedestrian certificate tips

  • Make sure the certificate is registered with an OJK certified institution
  • Beware of any risk

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