Located in West Jakarta, these 4 guesthouses are very comfortable, with all amenities!

Located in West Jakarta, these 4 guesthouses are very comfortable, with all amenities!

Many immigrants come to the capital to study or work. Nope It’s no surprise that there are so many guesthouses in Jakarta, from ordinary guesthouses to exclusive guesthouses. The West Jakarta area is no exception, it has many office and educational areas. If you have many activities in West Jakarta, several options A guesthouse in West Jakarta Here’s what you can consider. Check it out!

Kost in West Jakarta

Cove Tripuri

If comfort is your priority, Cove Tripuri is your answer. This cost in West Jakarta has a modern and luxurious design. When you live here, it is as comfortable as when you live in a hotel. Have interior furniture to make the room design look more aesthetic. With a modern concept, Cove Tripuri is equipped with a smart door lock system using fingerprints. Security is also maintained because not just anyone can log in.

The rooms at Cove Tripuri are equipped with a bed, air conditioner, nightstand, desk, TV and wardrobe. You can also use other common facilities like dining room, lounge, terrace, rooftop, lobby, WiFi, kitchen and 24 hour security.

Address: Jl. Perjuangan 11, RT.1/RW.10, Kb. Jeruk, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 11530

Common Facilities: Kitchen, dining room, terrace, lobby, rooftop, lounge, wifi, laundry and security

Price range: Starting from IDR 4 million per month

Aquarius Catalia

Cove Katalia is the most comfortable exclusive guesthouse you will find in West Jakarta. With a minimalist design, this guesthouse is ideal for the simple and hassle-free young professionals. The location is strategic in Tomang area, close to Central Park Mall, Taman Anggrek Mall and Cattleya Park which you can visit on weekends.

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The use of neutral colors in Cove Katalia makes this mince look clean and tidy. Matching colors are also used in fully furnished rooms. All rooms at Cove Katalia have a single or double bed, a wardrobe, a TV, a desk, a bedside table and a private bathroom. Eits, if you can see, Cove Katalia has a rest area like in the photo above. Apart from that, it has a very nice lobby for receiving guests and also a clean kitchen for cooking. This guesthouse is also equipped with ample parking space to accommodate several cars.

Address: Jl. Katalia 7, RT.5/RW.8, Kota Bambu Utara, Kec. Palmerah, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 11420

Common Facilities: Kitchen, dining room, lobby, lounge, Wi-Fi and security

Price range: Starting from IDR 3.3 million per month

Cove T63

There are several educational facilities in West Jakarta such as Trisakti University, BINUS University, Tarumanagara University and others. So, this time there is a recommendation for a boarding house located in West Jakarta near the campus, more specifically in the Tomang area near Trisakti University. The location is very strategic, so it is convenient for students to live, especially for those who migrate, as it is close to the campus. NIH Agency! If you are bored, you can refreshing to several shopping centers near the guesthouse, such as Taman Anggrek Mall or Central Park Mall.

Choose boarding houses not only by location, but also by facilities. Cove T63 offers complete facilities for comfortable student living. Starting with objects first! Cove T63 has a kitchen, dining room, lobby and lounge. Want to work with friends? You can gather comfortably on the Cove T63 rooftop area as it is equipped with tables and chairs. The rooms are no less comfortable, fully equipped with a desk, bed, wardrobe and private bathroom.

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Address: Jl. Risk VI no. 3A RT 2/RW 9, Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta 11440

Common Facilities: Kitchen, common room, dining room, lobby, rooftop and security

Price range: Starting from IDR 2.5 million per month

Cove The Peak Garden

Who is trying a comfortable and affordable guesthouse like Cove The Peak Garden? Yes, Cove The Peak Garden is one of the exclusive guesthouses in Tanjung Duren, West Jakarta. If you have a lot of activities to do in Tanjung Duren, this guesthouse is ideal for you. Cove The Peak Garden is designed to make residents feel at home as comfortably as possible. Of course, along with several ancillary facilities for all the activities and needs of the boarding house residents.

Cove The Peak Garden has three different room types. Each one is equipped with amenities such as mattress, air conditioner, desk, wardrobe. At the same time, the bathroom is available outside and inside the room. So, if you live in this guesthouse, you can also use the common facilities like kitchen, dining room, rooftop, lobby, lounge and security. Very comfortable and aesthetic and has full facilities!

Address: Jl. Tanjung Duren Utara III C No. 220, RT.9/RW.3, Tj. Duren Utara, Kec. Grogol Petamburan, West Jakarta City, DKI Jakarta 11470

Common Facilities: Kitchen, dining area, rooftop, lobby, lounge and security

Price range: Starting from IDR 2.3 million per month

Above are recommendations for things to do in West Jakarta that can be added to your wish list. As an exclusive guesthouse provider, Cove has dozens of other properties spread across Jabodetabek, Bandung and Bali. You can choose any property depending on the closest location to your workplace or campus. Interested? Now on to Aquarius!

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