List of LG Inverter AC Error Codes & How to Check Them. Easy going!

List of LG Inverter AC Error Codes & How to Check Them. Easy going!

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Is there a malfunction in your LG AC, but you don’t know what caused it? Just find out through the code error AC LG inverter! Check out the different lists here!

Who would have thought that LG’s AC was so sophisticated and could detect damage to the motor itself, that’s it!

When you experience error or error, this machine will give you a certain code that you can read.

I don’t know the different codes error AC LG inverter?

To understand better, let’s explore the various codes below!

List of codes Error AC LG Inverter complete

Complete list of LG Inverter AC Error Codes


Here is a list of codes error AC LG inverter in order internal unit with the explanation:

  • CH 01: error on the room temperature of the indoor unit
  • CH 02: damage to indoor unit inlet pipe sensor
  • CH 03: error on wired remote control
  • CH 04: damage in float switch
  • CH 05: there is a communication error between internal and external unit
  • CH 06: damage in indoor unit outlet pipe sensor
  • CH 09: error on indoor unit eproom
  • CH 10: fan active internal unit BLDC motor
  • CH 12: error in middle tube sensor indoor unit

In addition to the broken code on internal unit AC, there is also a code error in the outdoor air conditioning unit.

Here is a list of codes error AC LG inverter in order external unit and the explanation:

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  • CH 21: DC peak (error in HDI)
  • CH 22: CT 2 (CT has reached its maximum limit)
  • CH 23: less volt to DC link
  • CH 26: error in DC position comp
  • CH 27: damage to PSC
  • CH 29: comp phase over current
  • CH 32: D-pipe inverter compressor too hot
  • CH 34: high pressure sensor too high
  • CH 35: low pressure sensor too low
  • CH 36: Leak detected coolant
  • CH 37: cross the line compression ratio
  • CH 38: Leak detected coolant
  • CH 40: CT damage sensor
  • CH 41: error in D-pipe sensor
  • CH 42: error from low pressure sensor
  • CH 43: error from high pressure sensor
  • CH 44: damage to outside air sensor
  • CH 45: error in middle tube sensor cond
  • CH 46: error to S-pipe sensor
  • CH 51: AC capacity is too high, there is a communication error internal and out of
  • CH 53: communication is interrupted between internal and out of unit
  • CH 61: pipe cond too high
  • CH 62: heat sink sensor temperature too high
  • CH 67: fan on BLDC closed
  • CH 72: error detected at 4 valve transfer modes
  • CH 93: communication is interrupted between internal and external unit

How to check the code Error AC LG Inverter

How to check LG Inverter AC Error Code


After knowing the different fault codes that appear on the LG AC inverterThe next thing you need to know is how to check.

How to check the code error This is quite easy, just download the Smart Diagnosis application on your mobile phone.

When you have finished downloading, remove the battery far away Your AC so that the application can be connected to the Smart Diagnosis application.

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Turn on the application and select it AC standardthen wait for the button to appear Receive.

Remember, don’t press this button yet.

Instead of pressing a button, take the AC remote and click the button CTRL / Power saving which is generally found on energy saving air conditioners under the Mode button.

Once you find the button, press and hold the button while inserting the battery into the far away.

Wait until the code 00 appears on the display screen far away and change to 57 or 58.

So, pick up your phone and click the button Receivethen bring the phone closer to the unit internal AC and press the button power.

Next, the AC will give a sound signal that will be picked up by your mobile phone and a code will be issued error AC LG inverter.


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