Learn how the Smart Home System Works

Learn how the Smart Home System Works

The ease and comfort of living a married life, of course, is the dream of many people. Now, this dream can be realized with the sophistication of the so-called technology smart home system.

What is technology? smart home? And how does a smart home work? Para developer start building technology-based residences equipped with IoT Smart Homes or smart home system. This system allows all the components in the house to be controlled via a mobile phone with an Internet connection.

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Smart Home itself is a product resulting from IoT or IoT Internet of things. Created to make everyday activities more practical and fast.

This Smart Home technology allows residents to control various elements in the house such as doors, windows, lights, air conditioners to water heaters remotely.

In addition to providing convenience, Smart Home technology can also provide more security at home. So how does this Smart Home work?

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2 Components That Support How Smart Home Works

In general, Smart Home technology has a system consisting of two important components, namely IoT (Internet of Things) and AI (artificial intelligence). These two components have their respective roles. something?

IoT (Internet of Things) plays a role in connecting one device to another while AI helps in making decisions. So, IoT and AI work together to collect data and information.

However, apart from these two components, there are also other components, namely: Sensor, Command and control managementand Actuator.

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Although it has many advantages because it is designed with sophisticated technology, the Smart Home system certainly also has disadvantages. For its advantages, Smart Home provides convenience and comfort in everyday life.

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Security is also maintained because a notification will appear on the phone if there is a problem at home. In addition, the residents of the house can also save on electricity costs because the Smart Home system makes the use of electronic devices more efficient.

Meanwhile, the disadvantage of Smart Home is the possibility of system disruption due to bug to the possibility of hacking the system by irresponsible people.

The use of the Smart Home system in residential is an attempt to improve the quality of life. Realize your dream home with your family at Gardens at Candi Sawangan. Following the rapid development of technology today, Gardens comes with the newest cluster, Evergreen Smart Living.

This cluster is equipped with Smart Home 2.0. Some of the advanced features you can find in this cluster are Smart Lock Door, Smart Sensor, Smart CCTV Monitoring, Smart Light Switch and Alexa Voice Assistant.

Not only that, Gardens at Candi Sawangan is also equipped with various suitable facilities around it, located in a strategic location with easy access and mobility, and surrounded by a beautiful and comfortable environment.

For more information, you can call the following numbers (021) 7470 7959 or 0812 9360 6612 (WA) or you can also visit the official Gardens website here.

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