Learn about Sikka Woven Fabrics and Product Recommendations

Learn about Sikka Woven Fabrics and Product Recommendations

Sikka fabric
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As an archipelagic country, Indonesia is synonymous with different tribes, traditions and cultures. One of the cultural heritage of Indonesia that is very famous in foreign countries is traditional cloth.

The fabrics are woven by combining the threads longitudinally and transversely. In Indonesia, fabrics that have a very high aesthetic value also vary, such as Ulos, Songket and Sikka fabrics.

Various Banners

So, this time, we are discussing one of the popular fabrics, namely Sikka fabric.

What is Sikka Woven Fabric?

Sikka cloth is a textile cloth that has become a hereditary tradition in Sikka Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. This type of cloth is widely used for daily wear, dowry and wear during traditional ceremonies.

You can find many interesting motifs that are full of meaning on Sikka fabrics. For example, there is Debt Sesa We’or or Sikka cloth with a picture of a pari magpie which is generally used by the bride and groom.

Citing from kemendikbud.go.id, there are 52 Sikka cloth motifs that have been recognized as intellectual property rights.

Because it goes through a long process, the duration of making Sikka cloth is usually very long, up to months.

pattern in sikka fabric
Sikka fabric motifs are aesthetic and full of meaning.

Product recommendations for Sikka Woven fabrics

Not only in the form of fabric, Sikka fabric is also widely produced as daily necessities, such as the following.

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1. Drawstring Bag by Sikka Woven Cloth

This drawstring bag made of Sikka fabric measures approximately 30 x 20 x 5 cm. So, you can use this cord to carry cell phonewallet, and other items while on the move.

drawstring bag in sikka fabric
Sikka Drawstring Bag Hall 1122

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2. Sandals from Sikka Woven Cloth

You can also make more appearances stylish with these Sikka patterned slippers. Because they are light and quite soft, you can mix these sandals with formal and informal clothing styles.

sikka cloth slippers
Sikka Pilv Sandals Hall 1122

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Sikka slippers
Sikka Lala Sandals Hall 1122

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3. Lilit Sikka necklace

Sikka fabrics also come in various accessories, such as the necklace below. Sikka’s 20 x 5 x 5 cm necklace is made of the best material, so it’s safe and soft on the skin. In addition, this necklace is also durable and safe for everyday use.

necklace wrapped in sikka cloth
Pendopo Sikka Necklace in fabric 0922

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4. Lilit Sikka’s ears

Apart from the necklaces, there are also spiral earrings made of Sikka fabric. The design of the earrings measuring 10 x 5 x 2 cm is interesting enough to be able to wear to parties and gatherings with friends and relatives.

earrings wrapped in sikka cloth
Sikka Hall 0922 Fabric Earrings

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5. Vest by Sikka Cloth

This jacket with a shoulder width of up to 33 cm has a fashionable look. Also, this vest is made of cotton material quality so comfortable when worn.

Because of its design stylishYou can mix this Sikka vest with different types of bottoms.

gilet sikka
Women’s vest Pendopo Sikka Tm02 1122

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sikka cloth vest
Women’s vest Pendopo Sikka Tm05 1122

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6. Sikka’s dress

We also provide Sikka dresses with lengths of 110 cm and 125 cm for those of you who want to look stylish. Take it easy, the texture of this dress is smooth, soft and light when used.

sika dress
Pendopo Sikka Dress Sm Tm01 1122 – Chocolate

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dress of sikka cloth
Pendopo Sikka Long sleeveless dress 1122

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7. Men’s Sikka Shirt

In addition to women’s clothing and accessories, you can also find charming men’s shirts from Sikka fabrics.

This shirt with a chest circumference of 110 cm and a shoulder width of 47 cm comes in two options, namely short sleeve and long sleeve. Of course, you can use Sikka shirts for office and other formal events.

sikka cloth shirt
Pendopo Size M Sikka Short Shirt Ikt05 1120

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sika shirt
Pendopo Size M Sikka Tops Man Ikt03 1120

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So, these are the different Sikka fabric products from the Pendopo that you can go through variety.

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