Latest hijab styles to choose for your OOTD style

Latest hijab styles to choose for your OOTD style – Do you want to be different with your clothing style? Following the latest trends, playing with colors or choosing products from well-known brands can make you “brighter”. For those who wear Muslim clothes every day, they can also “show off”. From choosing impressive fabrics and clothing styles to the latest and trendiest hijab styles, they can make you look stunning.

There are many options and creativity to try especially for the latest hijab designs. You have countless options for the hijab brand itself, one of the best is from the Wearing Klamby Official Store. From the choice of materials to the patterns offered, colors can also make you look impressive.

Today, the choice of hijab models is also very diverse. Several fashion stylists have failed to create trends with the latest styles and models, and as a result, many Muslim women have adopted them in their clothing. Are you interested in the latest hijab designs that can make Muslim women look more impressive and worthy of the OOTD tag? Come on, check out some of the options below!

1. Hijab rectangular or Square Hijab

You can say that the rectangular hijab is a trend that has been around for a long time, but is still popular today. It is not without reason that rectangular hijabs can be played plain or elegant by playing with materials, colors, motifs and interesting details.

Rectangular hijabs are easy to find anywhere, including online shopping app Blibli. In fact, it is not impossible to have a rectangular hijab in your wardrobe for a long time. Mix and match the hijab you own with the Muslim clothing you have.

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2. Pashmina

Pashmina is both the material and the latest hijab model that can be maximized. Although the shape and size are disproportionate, the design and options are very attractive to be used as a main accessory in Muslim clothing.

Colors, patterns and materials are the main basis for playing the game of pashmina as the hijab of your choice. Using this hijab model also creates a more fashionable impression for its users. As long as you follow the required Sharia, you can still look impressive, you know!

You can also find instant pashmina widely sold on many e-commerce platforms like Blibli. Due to its instant nature, many additional features can be maximized, from straps to no need for pins. To make it more effective, you can add less unique and less cute brooches, pins or other accessories to enhance your look.

3. Scarf

A pashmina-like scarf is a rectangular-shaped hijab material and model. Scarves are also usually made of thinner and lighter materials, which are very attractive to use because of their “draping” nature. The choice of colors, models and patterns can be adapted to the nature of its use. However, it can be guaranteed that its users will look fresher and more modern.

There are many scarf options to choose from. Items from the Wearing Klamby Official Store in Blibli should be considered. The selection of colors and designs varies even at relatively affordable prices. Interested in the selection?

4. Triangular hijab

This latest hijab model is named after its shape. With its triangular shape, this hijab is practical when worn, but still gives off a classy feel.

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Choose a triangular hijab with colors, patterns, patterns and designs that match your outfit. Your look is guaranteed to be one of the best OOTDs ever. There is nothing wrong with adding other accessories to enhance its look and add to the elegance of its wearers.

5. Instant Square

There is also a practical version of the rectangular hijab called “Instant Square”. This latest hijab model emphasizes ease of use, including minimizing the use of pins and more.

However, there is a downside to the instant square. The selection of proposed styles is minimal. Even if you have a choice of pattern you want, you can’t be too creative to place the best pattern on the front or side.

6. Khimar

Khimar has become the latest popular hijab style in recent years. This hijab model is often called syar’i hijab. The size is large and long, to cover the stomach in the front and the upper legs in the back. This type of hijab is mostly used by those who want to look elegant and at the same time syar’i.

Khimar has many color and model options. However, the colors used are more pastel. The choice of models starts with soft cushions or hard cushions, or even without cushions. You can adapt to different options in the market for material options. Tips, make sure that the selected khimar offers cool and cool feeling when worn.

You may not have many options for style selection. Usually Khimar appears with simple motifs and not with much emphasis. In addition, the khimar is also usually offered with its own robe or already in a sales package.

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7. Bergo

The latest hijab model to choose from is the Bergo. Offering ease of use, this instant and easy-to-wear hijab is very practical and offers a variety of motifs and options. The simple way of use makes this hijab model the choice of many Muslim women.

There are many models, materials and color options to choose from, from lycra or spandex and many others. Prices are also adjusted to the selected material.