Latest, Cool and Modern 1 Story Minimalist House Plans

Latest, Cool and Modern 1 Story Minimalist House Plans – The latest minimalist 1 story house plan is suitable for narrow land. A minimalist 1-story house is one of the comfortable living homes that many people dream of. A comfortable apartment does not always have to be luxurious and large. Ideally, a home can provide a sense of comfort due to its atmosphere and environment.

Although the size is not very large, it only has 1 floor, it does not mean that this type of house cannot look beautiful and attractive.

In fact, minimalist 1 story house design is widely preferred because it looks cool, modern and contemporary.

Well, for those who are planning to build a 1-story minimalist house, here are 1-story house plan recommendations that can be used as inspiration.

A house with a yard

Latest, Cool and Modern 1 Story Minimalist House Plans

This time’s house plan has a layout and size that looks quite minimalistic, but is still very comfortable if you can apply it.

At the very front of this house there is a car parking space and a garden area which can provide maximum movement space and a garden like water basin during the rainy season.

Not only that, inside this house there are public spaces like 3 x 3 m living room, 3.75 x 3 m family room, 1.5 x 1.5 m public bathroom and open room in the middle of the room. kitchen and dining room with a 3.75x3m garden behind the house.

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At the front of this house is the master bedroom measuring 4.5 x 3m, at the front bedroom number 1 is also 4 x 3m and bedroom 2 is 5 x 3m and there is a terrace at the back of the house that you can use. such as laundry and recreation.

Simple House Plan 6×7.30 M With 2 Bedrooms

Latest, Cool and Modern 1 Story Minimalist House Plans
Pinoy Home Designs

This home is furnished with 2 bedrooms, family room, dining area, kitchen and laundry room and 1 bathroom.

The family room measures 3×3.60m, then there is a dining area combined with a kitchen measuring 4.80x3m.

The master bedroom measures 2.50×3 m, the children’s bedroom measures 2.20×3 m, and the bathroom and laundry room measure 1.50×3 m.

The plan of the house is 6×10

Latest, Cool and Modern 1 Story Minimalist House Plans
36. House design

This house has a modern minimalist concept with a not too large size. In front of the house there is space for a 3×3 m parking space and a 1×3 m green space.

This house has facilities like 2 bedrooms, family room, kitchen, bathroom and drying room.

For the size of the room in the house, that is, a family room measuring 3 × 3 m. Then there is the kitchen and dining area together measuring 2.40x3m and a washing and drying area measuring 1x3m.

The size of the master bedroom is 3×3.50 m. Then, between the main room and the children’s room, there is a 1.50×1.50m bathroom, and in the next area there is a 3x3m children’s room.

House plan with mosque

Latest, Cool and Modern 1 Story Minimalist House Plans

This time home plan has full facilities from public spaces to privacy areas that complement your needs with your family.

To the front there is a living room measuring 3 x 3m and a family room measuring 3.75m x 3m and an open space with a kitchen and dining room measuring 3.75m x 3m.

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There are two bedrooms of the same size 3 x 3m in front and behind the public bath measuring 1.5 x 2.75m and a bedroom measuring 2.75 x 2.75m at the rear.

This religious facility is provided with a prayer room measuring 1.5 x 2.75 m at the rear and a garden behind the house.

House Plan Type 36 2 Adjoining Rooms

Latest, Cool and Modern 1 Story Minimalist House Plans

This type 36 house plan with 2 adjoining bedrooms is highly recommended for small families.

In addition to making zoning easier, house plans like these make it easier for each resident to move in.

36 style minimalist house design with garage and extended kitchen

Latest, Cool and Modern 1 Story Minimalist House Plans

This type 36 home design has two side-by-side bedrooms. The living room is connected to the dining room and there is a bathroom in front of the children’s bedroom.

What is unique about this design is the size of the bathroom, which is elongated and placed in front of the bath. The advantage of this design is that the size of the two rooms is quite large, which is 3×3 meters.

Tropical Style House Plan

Latest, Cool and Modern 1 Story Minimalist House Plans

The spatial arrangement in the house plan looks comfortable this time with a neatly arranged section from front to back.

Before going inside the house, there is a garden for water seepage, so it is very suitable for tropical areas like Indonesia.

When you enter the house, there is a spacious 2×3 m living room and a 3×4 m dining room at the back.

This house has 3 bedrooms of the same size 3x3m, one public bathroom of 1.5×1.5m and a kitchen of 1.5x4m.

Here are some reviews of minimalist home designs and plans with full facilities that are suitable for your future abode with your lovely family. It may be useful. (various sources/wool/d1)

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