Koi Pond filter scheme, here is its function and how to do it

Koi Pond filter scheme, here is its function and how to do it

Keeping koi fish has recently become a hobby that is in demand by the community. Unfortunately, keeping koi fish is not the same as other fish. The reason is that koi need care to maintain their survival. Since the price is quite expensive, of course, we also need to pay attention to care. This includes the koi pond filter scheme.

Please note, the construction of the koi pond filter scheme consists of two types, like other water courses. The two types are the inlet and outlet channels that are commonly found at the side of the pond. With this filter, the fish ecosystem will be better, because it is free of impurities that harm the fish and their ecosystem. So, what does a koi fish pond filter look like? Here’s a review of the types, features, and how-tos you need to know.

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Koi Pond Filter Function

Schema Filter Kolam Koi

Before discussing further, you need to know that koi fish are animals that come from nature. When you are in the river, the water continues to flow, so the water stays clean. As a result, the oxygen supply for the animals that live in it is also sufficient, including the koi fish. Also, when it rains, the river is also irrigated again, so the water is certainly fresher.

Well, this filter was made with the aim that the water in the pool is the same as the river water. Simply put, the filter can keep the pool water clean and clear, so that the oxygen supply for the koi and other ecosystems is sufficient. In addition to this, koi pond filters can also filter out fish waste. Well, the soil is usually in the form of dangerous ammonia that can damage the ecosystem if it is not cleaned. In fact, if you consume it, ammonia is harmful to your health!

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Some sources say that a koi pond without a filter is actually possible. However, you have to take extra care by changing the water every day. Of course, that would be a lot of trouble, wouldn’t it?

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Types of Koi Fish Pond Filter Schemes

Schema Filter Kolam Koi
(Youtube/ The Koi Partner)

After understanding its function, now is the time to know the types of simple koi pond filter schemes that are commonly used. Here is the full description.

1. Mechanical filter

First, there are mechanical filters. This filter is one of two filters that should be in a koi fish pond. The way this filter works is with a water pump that pulls it. The water is then cleaned through a filter that contains different media. Its function is to filter harmful substances, such as ammonia, from impurities. Also, the force of gravity will help the filtered water return to the bottom of the pool. Well, this process keeps the water in the pool clean and clear.

2. Biological filter

Biological filters are commonly used to purify water. Some people also call this filter nitrification. The way it works, it is carried out by some bacteria in the water. The bacteria convert the ammonia from the fish waste into a harmless substance. Not only bacteria, other elements that meet the scheme, such as aquatic plants, water hyacinth, pumice can also include biological filters.

3. Chemical filter

There is also a chemical filter, which uses a chemical process to clean the water in the pool. When the water in the pond is subjected to a circulation process, the filter chamber will be filled with different media to filter the water. Then, some substances or chemicals will be added to filter. In general, chemicals are added, ie zeolite stone, carbon or activated carbon. The three of course have different roles and functions, yes. Therefore, choose which chemistry best suits your needs.

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How to make a simple Koi Pond filter scheme

filter scheme kolam koi
(Youtube/ The Koi Partner)

Now, after understanding the functions and types, now is the time to know how to make a koi fish filter scheme. Guide from the page ikankoi.org you can follow this. Since this is a simple method, then use an easy mechanical filter reservoir. Here’s how to do it if you use a barrel for the filter reservoir:

Tools and materials needed to make a koi fish pond filter:

  • Drum or barrel, or customize as needed
  • Pipe
  • Shock Drat
  • Pipe L
  • Pipe T
  • Paralon glue
  • Hacksaw
  • And other necessary equipment

Steps to make a koi fish filter reservoir:

  1. Make a hole in the bottom or bottom of the drum depending on the size of the pipe and the shock wire that will then be used to make the water clean.
  2. If you have, install the weight installation at the bottom or bottom drain.
  3. In addition to the bottom of the drum, also make a hole on the side to remove the filtered water in the fish pond.
  4. Install the shock drain and make sure it is tight so that water does not leak out.
  5. Then, also install the T and L fenders in the side holes of the drum.
  6. Add filter media to the pipe. The filter can use a thick filter or tofu that can filter the soil so that it does not laugh.
  7. Install the L tube at the filter outlet facing upwards. This is done so that air enters the pool with the water. This will increase the oxygen level in the pool. The design of the pipe that faces up can also filter the soil so that it does not enter the fish pond.
  8. If it is installed perfectly, this filter can be used directly in the pool. Then, connect the filter to the pump used to drain the water in the pool.
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How, how to make a koi pond chamber diagram is quite easy, right? Come on, try practicing at home! However, before installing it in the pipe, first make sure that this koi pond filter scheme is working optimally, yes. Good luck!

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