Koi fish painting at home and 9 meanings according to Fengsui

Koi fish painting at home and 9 meanings according to Fengsui

koi fish painting

Koi fish paintings often appear to be interior decorations at home. Go ahead, see the full picture and its meaning according to Feng Shui.

Why is this? Because, according to feng sui, it is believed that this painting has the meaning of hope for good luck and prosperity.

The fengsui of your home will be better if you put a koi fish painting.

Painting will make your home have positive energy.

The Koi fish is a powerful symbol in feng shui for attracting abundance and prosperity.

According to feng sui, you should place the koi fish painting at an angle that is diagonally opposite to the entrance.

However, there are some koi fish paintings that will actually bring bad luck.

In order not to be mistaken, let’s look at the reviews below.

9 Meaning of painting Koi Fish at Home

Here are some of the meanings of koi fish according to the type of image in the painting and its location, which are summarized from different sources.

1. Two Koi Fish

Two koi fish represent a marriage or love affair full of happiness and good fortune.

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You can place this image in the southwest sector of your home or living room, which means the relationship area.

koi yin yang painting

Source: aliexpress.com

2. Koi Fish Yin and Yang

Painting of two black and white koi, male and female and forms a yin and yang symbol symbolizing balance.

This symbol of harmony can be placed in the living room to promote peace in the family.

3. Koi Fish with Red Dots

Although koi has a positive image in feng shui, the image of a white fish with a red dot on its head should be avoided because it is considered a symbol of failure.

So avoid installing this koi fish painting to avoid failure.

Any other color at that point besides red wouldn’t be a problem.

yellow white red koi paint

Source: infoikan.com

4. Nine Koi Fish

Painting nine koi fish, with eight colors red or gold and one black, will attract wealth and prosperity into your home.

A single black koi absorbs all the negative energy from around it.

While eight red or gold koi attract healthy chi energy.

You can place this type of image in the southeast sector of your home to stimulate wealth.

It can also be installed in the north sector which means the water element for career advancement.

5. Blue and Gold Koi Fish

A pair of blue and gold koi swimming together is a great example of harmony.

Blue is the color of water and generates auspicious energy.

Meanwhile, the golden koi fish is a symbol of creativity and wealth.

Paired together, any area of ​​the home that hosts these koi fish paintings will flow well.

koi fish painting in lotus pond

Source: wallpaperuse.com

6. Group of Koi Fish in the Pond

A group of colorful koi swimming in a pond is guaranteed to infuse beneficial energy into any area.

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The Yang energy produced by a group of koi can enrich and stimulate.

Place this koi fish painting in the east sector to revive or initiate personal health.

It can also be placed in the southeast sector to stimulate wealth.

7. Blush Koi Fish

A pair of koi in color to blush it describes serenity and happiness.

These two fish have different sizes that show the relationship between parents and offspring.

You can put this koi painting in your living room to encourage a happy relationship between parents and children.

Painting of two koi fish with different colors

Source: Bukalapak.com

8. Koi fish with opposite colors

Paintings depicting two pairs of oppositely colored koi make a great addition to your feng shui decor.

An image showing a pair of koi swimming in a circle represents the process of transforming the energy of the elements into a productive cycle.

Install this koi fish painting in your home to provide positive energy.

9. A Koi Fish

Never use an image that only represents a koi, as you want a symbol of energy balance.

In feng sui, the only fish that can be displayed alone is the arowana fish.


So, those were the various meanings of koi paintings according to feng sui, so you already know which one to install, right?

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