Knowledge of Wide Span Building Structures for Construction

Knowledge of Wide Span Building Structures for Construction

wide building

Large buildings are usually used for certain purposes, such as performing arts.

Property People Have you ever heard of wide width buildings? Some of you may not be familiar with this term.

However, you must have seen this building, especially in big cities.

As the name implies, wide buildings have a wide construction and are usually used for certain purposes.

For better understanding, the following is a complete review as quoted from various sources.

Definition of Wide Span Building

broad construction definition


A wide building is a building structure without column boundaries that is built expansively with dimensions of length and width for certain purposes.

This architectural feature, also known as long buildings, has few or no pillars.

This building is generally used as a sports hall, auditorium, opera house, airport building, exhibition, or other large building.

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What are the Types of Wide Span Building Structures?

At least, there are two types of structures in this building, namely simple and complex. The following is an explanation of each.

1. Simple Wide Span Building

simple construction


This type of building does not have a complicated design, because it prioritizes its function. This makes the construction process faster.

As for some examples of simple buildings are sports facilities such as gyms, basketball buildings, futsal buildings, and the like.

2. Complex Wide Span Building

building with complex construction


In contrast to simple construction, this type of building has a complex design because it emphasizes function and aesthetics.

These goals are adapted to their needs. Because, complex buildings are more often used as art and performance buildings, such as the Sydney Opera House in Australia.

Even so, currently complex types of buildings can also be found in airports, offices and shopping centers.

Wide Span Building Structural System

There are four categories of systems that are often used, including:

Form Active Structure System

forms an active structure system


1. System Cable

This structure uses cables to support the load with a tension function.

The tensile forces used are vertical and horizontal forces.

2. Tent System

Tent systems or membrane structures use materials whose surface is flexible and thin.

Therefore, this structure is very susceptible to wind pressure.

3. Pneumatic system

Buildings that use this system have a roof structure that expands as it fills with air. The material used is not far from the membrane system.

4. Arch System

This broad structure system has been around for a long time, starting in ancient Greece and Rome.

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In the past, the Romans only used stone material. However, currently the materials used are more diverse, they can be iron, wood, or steel.

Mass active structure system

Mass active structure system


1. Beam System

Buildings using this system generally use vertical beam elements placed on top of horizontal beams.

2. Frame System

Buildings using frame systems are generally more robust and very strong. This is because the materials used are concrete and steel.

3. Beam Grid and Slab System

This system uses long beams of material laid across to support the thinner top plate.

Vector Active Structure System

Vector Active Structure System


1. Flat Truss System

This system usually uses elements of the same length and later form a triangle or a combination of triangles.

2. Curved Truss System

It is a structure that is reinforced by a truss in the form of an arch.

Often, this system is used in stadium buildings, factories, or airplane hangars.

3. Space Truss System

Space truss system consisting of linear elements that form three dimensions and extend from two different directions.

Survace Active Structure System

wide building structure


1. Prismatic Folded Structure System

There are two main features or characteristics in this structure, namely a relatively flat element plate and a structure that supports only one direction.

2. Folded Pyramidal System

This structure consists of folds that are triangular in shape, so the structure is known as a pyramid.

3. Rotational Shell System

It is a structure made up of a series of curved lines.

4. Anticlastic Shell System

This structure uses a different saddle shape in each direction.

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