Knowing what an electric Pot is and its advantages

Knowing what an electric Pot is and its advantages

Definition of electric bread and its advantages

A pot is a kitchen tool that functions as a container for cooking on the stove. However, with the rapid development of technology, there are now many sophisticated kitchen tools. One of them is an electric pot or electric pot.

Unfortunately, there are still many people who are not familiar with this type of bread. In fact, this electric pan has a myriad of advantages over ordinary pans, you know.

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So, what is the difference between an electric pot and a conventional pot?

So that you can understand better, here we have summarized some of the differences between electric pans and ordinary pans.

1. No Stove Needed

As the name implies, electric pots do not require heat from the stove. Just with the help of electricity, this pan can operate and we can adjust the heat temperature.

You don’t need to worry because this multifunctional pan can also be used for frying, frying and steaming, just like in a conventional pan.

advantages of the electric pot
The high temperature can be set

2. Portable Design

The size of the electric pan is not as big as a conventional pan. With a minimalist design, this pan is equipped with a heat-resistant handle, which makes cooking easier. In addition, the multipurpose electric pan is also easy for you to take on the go.

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Just choose an electric pot according to the amount of electricity used. Usually, the power required for an electric pot is about 500 Watt to over 1000 Watt.

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3. Pot Material and Durability

In general, conventional pans are made of metal because they can conduct heat quickly, but they also burn easily. Well, this does not apply to electric pans.

Types of electrical vessels are usually made of ceramic material and stainless steel quality that is equipped with a non-stick coating. So, you can also cook without having to worry about cleaning up afterwards.

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So, how to wash an electric pot correctly?

Since this type of pot is directly connected to electricity, you might wonder how to take care of it, so it lasts longer.

Well, for that, we have prepared answers to your questions, as we have summarized below.

1. Unplug the Cable from the Pot

First of all, of course, we have to disconnect the power cord from the socket and the pot. Avoid washing the pan directly with the hot surface because it can reduce its performance

2. Use Soap and Soft Sponge

So that the surface of the pan is not scratched and peeled, you can wash it by hand. Use special dish soap and a soft sponge.

So, make sure that the function buttons and cap holes are protected from water and soap to avoid damage.

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3. Remove the Rubber Gasket from the Electric Pot

Before washing, you can first remove the rubber seal in several parts. Just wash the rubber with warm water to keep it clean.

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After that, wait for the rubber to dry on its own before putting it back on the pan.

4. Dry the Pot with a soft cloth

Make sure the pan is completely dry before using to avoid a short circuit. You can dry it with a soft cloth to make sure no water remains.

The reason is that if we leave this pan to dry on its own, it can actually leave a trail of water that also reduces the aesthetic value of the pan.

Well, this is the information about electric pans that you should know. Interesting right?

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