It uses Vespa to become a unique, youth coffee shop in Medan

It uses Vespa to become a unique, youth coffee shop in Medan

on time, – The phenomenon of having fun while enjoying a cup of coffee has become a way of life for a number of people, from teenagers to adults, both men and women.

Currently, various models of cafes have decorated a number of areas. If you are visiting Medan, this coffee shop can be a recommendation for you.

Imagine Coffee, this is an entry on the menu list of a coffee shop. Unlike coffee shops in general, this cafe located on Jalan Mayjen DI Panjaitan, Medan Baru District, Medan City is unique in that it uses a classic Vespa to sell coffee.

Based on monitoring Online Notice While visiting the place, a young man’s nimble hands were seen stirring coffee on the seat of a Vespa. There are also small wooden carts stacked to house coffee making equipment and ingredients.

That’s the calling of Duto, the owner and barista of this unique coffee shop. This business started in December 2020. Before, it only sold chairs and tables like a regular cafe.

“For the Vespa concept, it was realized in January 2022. Look at the inspiration on Instagram, it turns out that there are cafes on the island of Java that use Vespas, so the inspiration came from there,” he said during the interview. Online Noticelast Wednesday (3/15).

He explained that this business is open every Monday to Saturday from 16.00 to 00.00 WIB. Currently, he used social media such as Instagram to promote this cafe to the public.

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“No less than 30 cups of coffee can be sold during the day. “Imagine chocolate, caramel macchiato and tea on the drink menu, apart from coffee,” said the man who loves sports.

Thus, he hopes that Imagine Coffee will go further in the future and continue to serve coffee to all people and make consumers happy.

One of the visitors, Irwan Maranata Siregar, said that the concept of Imagine Coffee is unique and interesting. The novelty is in the Vespa, which is used as a place to mix coffee.

“There are various groups gathered here, from teenagers to adults. Besides, payments can be manual or digital, which is good,” said the Head of the Medan Branch of the Indonesian Christian Student Movement (GMKI).

It uses Vespa to become a unique, youth coffee shop in Medan
Imagine Coffee is open daily from 16.00 to 00.00 WIB. Located at Jalan Mayjen DI Panjaitan, Medan Baru District, Medan City. (WOL Photo)

Another guest, Nino, called “Imagine Coffee” unique and interesting. “Because I saw a coffee shop in Medan city that uses a Vespa to sell coffee,” said the 28-year-old man.

According to him, the taste of the coffee here is quite good and he hopes that this business will grow in the future and create memories for everyone who visits this place. (will/syf/d1)