It indicates that the AC is dirty and needs service or cleaning. It turns out…

It indicates that the AC is dirty and needs service or cleaning. It turns out…

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Does the wind from the air conditioner feel hot and slow? It could be that this electronic item is dirty and needs to be cleaned! Check out the signs of a dirty air conditioner that needs service here!

Air conditioning o AC is one of the electronic items that many people have, especially in hot areas like Indonesia.

Unfortunately, AC is a very perishable item, especially if it is not used when it is dirty.

Actually, how do you tell the difference between a clean air conditioner and a dirty air conditioner?

Check out the signs of a dirty AC that needs service below!

Signs AC is Dirty and Needs Service

1. The air from the air conditioner is hot

the ac sign is dirty and needs to be serviced

The first sign that the AC is dirty and needs to be serviced is the air from the AC that suddenly feels warm or hot.

The air conditioner should give a cool or cool breeze, to make the room cool.

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However, if the engine emits hot air, then it is certain that your air conditioner is dirty and needs to be serviced.

2. AC Releases Bad Smell

The next thing that indicates that your air conditioner needs to be cleaned is when the engine emits an unpleasant smell.

Normally, the air conditioner does not give off an odor, but when they stick out, the engine can give off a strange smell.

The smell can be a burning smell, a pungent smell, a rancid smell, and so on.

When this happens, service the air conditioning immediately, because if it is not controlled, the fungus that causes bad odors can attack the child’s breathing.

3. There is a loud noise from the air conditioner

sign of dirty and noisy ac

The sign of the air conditioning is dirty and must be serviced after it is a noise from the machine.

This noise is a sign of damage to the AC components or it could be because the machine is working too hard for an intense period of time.

Turn off the air conditioner and turn it on again, if the noise is still heard, you should call an expert to clean your machine.

4. AC Auto Off

Have you ever experienced that the AC turns off suddenly, even though there is no automatic shut-off feature in the machine?

This can happen if the air conditioner is disturbed or damaged and must be serviced immediately.

The reason why the air conditioner can turn off suddenly is generally because the engine is too hot and the electric current must be cut off before the damage continues.

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5. Air conditioner leaks

the ac sign is dirty and leaking

The next sign that the AC is dirty and needs to be serviced is because there is a leak in your machine.

Leaks happen because freon what is leaking or missing so that the liquid comes out of the air conditioner.

So that the AC can function normally again, you should service this machine now.

6. Indicator Light on AC Lamping

A flashing indicator light can also be a sign that your AC is dirty.

The reason why the light flashes is because there is damage to the electrical circuit components and they must be replaced with new ones.

7. The wind blows slowly

the ac sign is ugly and lost energy

The sign of the air conditioning is dirty and must be serviced later is the wind from the machine feels very slow.

The wind speed on the air conditioner can be adjusted with the button The speed of the fan.

However, if there is no change when you press the button, then the air conditioner is definitely damaged.

Usually, the AC fan is damaged due to too much dust and dirt sticking to the fan blades.

8. AC Boros Energi

AC requires high electrical power to operate.

However, if the required power suddenly increases and causes the bill to swell, there is probably something wrong with your AC.

Losses that can be experienced if the AC is broken

If you let the air conditioner remain dirty and damaged, you will probably experience this loss:

1. Warm room

This loss is inevitable, especially if the air conditioner breaks down in the summer or in the dry season.

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A hot room can certainly interfere with your activities at home, be it work, rest, or meeting with the family.

2. Cost Loss

Air conditioners whose damage is too massive require a very large cost to repair.

Therefore, you should repair the AC when the damage is minor.

3. Fast Damaged Articles

Air conditioner damage can also damage many other items, such as electronic devices, paper products, food and beverages.

To prevent swelling expenses, you must service the air conditioner before it is too late.


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