Instant Radiant Face with Vimela Beauty Moisturizing Cream 3In1

Instant Radiant Face with Vimela Beauty Moisturizing Cream 3In1 – Currently, the trend of using skin care is increasing in society, especially among women.

Awareness of the importance of maintaining healthy skin is also increasing skin care users.

Using skin care can make the skin healthier so that it can function normally, i.e. as a protector.

One of the important parts to get treatment is the facial skin, where the facial skin often affects a person’s self-confidence.

If the facial skin is unhealthy and dull, not only women, but also men sometimes lose their self-confidence.

That is why it is very important to take care of the skin and take care of it for a healthier and brighter skin.

In Indonesia, awareness about the use of skin care continues to increase every year, so the demand for many skin care products is high.

However, this opportunity is often misused by irresponsible persons and fake products are put into circulation in order to make a profit.

Be aware that fake skin care products are very dangerous to the skin, including causing dark spots, irritation, severe acne and even the growth of cancerous cells.

Therefore, skin care users are required to be careful when choosing officially certified safe skin care products.

Recognizing these concerns, products from PT. Inggil Jaya Utama aka Vimela Beauty offers a 3-in-1 moisturizer.

There is no need to ask if Vimela is safe because this cream is tested and registered by BPOM (Food and Drug Administration), Halal certified and Dermatologically Tested and labelled.

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In the test to pass BPOM, the product will be selected based on 3 aspects i.e. safety, quality and utility, fake or illegal products will not be guaranteed.

In addition to being safe, Vimela Beauty Moisturizing Cream 3 in 1 product brings 3 benefits at once and makes it more practical.

With the best selected grade A ingredients from Korea, Japan and Canada, Vimela Beauty Moisturizing Cream 3-in-1 brings three benefits to the skin at once, i.e. whitening, anti-aging and moisturizing.

No wonder Vimela is the champion of moisturizers with multiple benefits for facial skin.

“Vimela Beauty is a practical, uncomplicated solution to keeping skin healthy, glowing and protected. Its unique composition makes your face glow with just this cream, so you don’t need to put more efforts to buy various other products. So it’s more economical and practical.” said Rizki DK as Vice President of Vimela Beauty.

Certified aesthetic physician and general practitioner, dr. Dianca Oetama explained that using a moisturizer or moisturizer is very important for facial skin health.

Because the moisturizer can restore the natural keratin protein lost from the facial skin.

Keratin protein for facial skin is useful for moisturizing, smoothing and nourishing the skin.

The lack of protein keratin will make the skin of the face dry, dull and unhealthy.

dr. Dianca also reviewed the ingredients and benefits of Vimela Beauty.

Vimela Beauty

“Moisturizer from Vimela contains 6 types of Ceramide, 6 types of HA, 6 types of Peptides and 6 types of whitening agents. Therefore, there is no need to doubt its function,” he said. Dianca Oetama.

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“Good hydration brightens the skin evenly and also strengthens the skin barrier,” she continued.

Not only this, several other benefits that Vimela Beauty Moisturizer 3-in-1 offers include masking fine lines and facial pores, hydrating and repairing the skin barrier, and brightening the complexion after use.

With so many benefits packed into just one product, it’s no wonder that Vimela Beauty Moisturizer is hailed as the champion of the 3-in-1 moisturizer.

In addition, how to use Vimela Beauty Moisturizing Cream 3 in 1 is also very easy, just apply evenly to the skin day and night after cleansing your face before going to bed.

More information on the benefits and advantages of Vimela Beauty 3 in 1 Moisturizer can be found on TikTok @vimelabeauty, Instagram @vimelabeauty or Facebook page @Vimela Beauty.

When buying Vimela Beauty products, you should carefully choose which products are genuine and fake.

Because recently, there are irresponsible people who are abusing Vimela Beauty products and releasing fake products in the name of Vimela Beauty.

Looking at the price, the price of the fake product is much lower than the original Vimela Beauty product, which is only 30-40 thousand.
Here are the features to consider to determine whether Vimela cream is genuine or fake:

The brand sticker looks ugly and dull (the color is not as bright as the original).
The cream is white in color with a strong scent, while the original Vimela Beauty cream has a distinct jasmine flower scent with a very light scent.
Both 12.5 g and 30 g cream packaging is made of matte and thin plastic, original Vimela Beauty packaging for 12.5 g jar is made of plastic, and 30 g is made of transparent and strong colored glass.

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Original Vimela Beauty products are only available through Shopee Vimela Beauty Official StoreYou can visit Tokopedia Vimela Beauty Official Store or

In addition, it can also be through the official partners of Vimela Beauty, who already have a special identification ID.