Indihome WiFi not detected? This is the Cause and How to fix it!

Indihome WiFi not detected? This is the Cause and How to fix it!

Indihome wifi not detected

Do you have Indihome WiFi at home, but you cannot use it because it is not detected on the device you are using? Find out why Indihome WiFi is not detected here!

One of the most frequent problems encountered by Indihome WiFi users is that the connection is not detected suddenly.

This means that the device you are using, whether it is a mobile phone, laptop, or television, cannot connect to the Internet.

What is the cause of this and how to fix it?

Find out the causes and how to fix Indihome WiFi not detected below!

Cause Indihome WiFi not detected

cause of indihome wifi not detected

1. Defective modem

The first reason Indihome WiFi is not detected is because the modem you have is damaged.

You can find damage to this modem if there is a red light on the PON on the modem.

Not only this, this can also happen when the Indihome modem is completely dead so it cannot transmit the internet connection.

The internet cannot be detected because the modem has been used for too long so it cannot work optimally as before.

2. Broken device

The next thing that can cause Indihome WiFi not to appear on your mobile phone is a damaged device.

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It could be that the error is not in the Indihome modem, but because your phone, laptop, computer or television has a problem.

Usually, this happens when there is only one device that cannot connect to the Internet, while other devices can.

If the error is due to an external factor, you must repair the device you have to be able to receive the signal from the modem.

3. Activate Hide SSID functionality

The next reason for Indihome WiFi not being detected is due to the Hide SSID function in an active modem.

Usually, this function is immediately activated after making a change password Wifi.

This requires you to connect manually to be able to enjoy the Internet signal.

4. Bad weather

The last reason that can cause the modem to not be able to transmit Internet signals is bad weather.

Bad weather is often the reason why many modems are difficult to connect to the internet.

This problem is not only in Indihome WiFi, but also in Biznet, MyRepublic, First Media, and so on.

How to fix Indihome WiFi not detected

After knowing the cause of Indihome WiFi not detected, what can you do to solve this?

Here are some repair methods you can do:

1. Restart STB

how to fix indihome wifi not detected

The first way to fix Indihome WiFi is not detected is to starts again STB.

Can you starts again modem by unplugging the Indihome STB’s power cord and letting it sit for five to ten seconds.

After that, reconnect the power cord.

2. Use another device

The next method you can do is to use another device first.

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If another device is successfully connected to the WiFi, it is more likely that your device is damaged.

To overcome this, you can go to the place service to find out where the problem is coming from.

3. Forget Networking

The next way to fix Indihome WiFi is to forget the network first.

You can do this by entering the WiFi or Internet menu on the device.

Next, click on the connected WiFi and select the Forget Network option.

After the network is forgotten, click WiFi again to be able to connect again.

4. Disable Hide SSID functionality

Fix indihome wifi not detected


If the Internet problem is not detected because of the Hide SSID function, you can disable it again.

open navigator and enter the IP address according to the Indihome modem brand.

Then, enter username and password to login, then select menu net.

After that, click on the SSID Settings section and uncheck Hide SSID.

Click to submit to save all changes.

5. Call the Technician

If the way to fix Indihome WiFi above does not work, you should contact a technician.

Thus, the device can be repaired immediately and the problem can be solved immediately.


I hope the above information is useful for you, ok?

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