IMB Requirements – Building Permit Requirements

IMB Requirements – Building Permit Requirements

building permit requirements

Many people feel lazy to make their own construction permit (IMB), most of them actually order other people or brokers because they do not know anything about how to apply for an IMB or the conditions for an IMB. Even if you want to do it, getting a building permit is very easy.

Taking care of legal matters like the IMB is of course very important for those who are just buying a house, whether cash or mortgage, because if your property has no securities, the value of your property will decrease or it will be weak in the eyes of the law.

Definition of IMB

The meaning or meaning of IMB (Building Permit) is a legal product that contains approvals or permits issued by the Head of the Local Region (district / city government) and must be owned / managed by the owners of the buildings that they want to build, demolish, increase. / decrease the area, or renovate a building.

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The presence of an IMB (building permit) in a building is very important, because it aims to create a safe building layout and in accordance with the use of the land. Even the existence of an IMB is also very necessary when a transaction of sale and purchase of a house takes place. Owners who do not have an IMB will be fined 10 percent of the value of the building, and the house may even be demolished.

So, for those of you who are still confused about how to apply for an IMB, here are some of the requirements for a residential or non-residential permit.

Residential IMB requirements

residential house

Requirements for the management of residential IMB

  • Photocopy of KTP
  • NPWP photocopy
  • Photocopy of SPPT and Proof of Payment of Land and Building Tax
  • Copy of Land Certificate
  • Power of attorney (if authorized)
  • Declaration of ownership of the land
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Phases of the management of a residential building permit

For those of you who have a house under 500 square meters, to request an IMB, you can come directly to the sub-district at the Counter of Sub-District One-Stop Integrated Services (PTSP), after which you can immediately complete it. a form to submit a land measurement. A week later the officer will come to your house and measure and make a drawing of your house plan, after the drawing is finished it can be used blueprint for the IMB.

The process of making a residential construction permit

After the plans are completed, the IMB application process can be carried out, the length of time to do the IMB itself can take 15 working days.

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The cost of managing a residential building permit

The IMB processing fee itself is calculated based on the area of ​​the house, that is, a fee of Rp. 2,500 per square meter is paid.

Requirements for Non-Residential IMB / Public Buildings

condition / Requirements for IMB for Public Buildings (Non-Residential up to 8 floors)

To apply for an IMB for a non-residential public building (up to 8 floors), the applicant must meet several requirements to obtain an IMB in the form of:

  • IMB application form
  • Declaration of no dispute (stamped)
  • Power of attorney (if authorized)
  • KTP and NPWP (applicant and / authorized)
  • Letter of Declaration of Legality and Correctness of Documents
  • UN proof of payment
  • Deed of establishment (If the applicant is on behalf of the company / body / foundation)
  • Proof of land ownership (land certificate)
  • Urban planning decree (KRK) / RTLB
  • SIPPT (for a land area > 5,000 m2)
  • Architectural design drawings (consisting of location drawings, plans, views, sections, infiltration wells) planned by architects that have IPTB, GSB noted, GSJ and land boundaries)
  • Construction drawings and construction calculations and soil investigation reports (planned by construction planners who have IPTB)
  • Installation drawing (LAK/LAL/SDP/TDP/TUG)
  • Architecture, construction and installation IPTB (Technical Construction License) (legalized original)
  • Old IMB and attachments (for applications to change/add buildings)

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IMB Processing Phase for Public Buildings (Non-Residential up to 8 floors)

First the candidate comes to the locket One Stop Integrated Service (PTSP) in the administrative city where you live, then fill out the submitted form, after submitting the requirements or the documents that are brought, then the file will be examined and will be investigated locally.

After being investigated, the officer will calculate the amount of fees or costs that must be incurred by the applicant, then the applicant pays the established withdrawal to the DKI bank and requests a proof of payment and then submits it to the PTSP of the administrative city. After this, the IMB can be taken by the applicant.

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The cost of making an IMB for non-residential public buildings (8 floors)

The cost of making an IMB for Non-residential Public Buildings is adapted to Regional Regulation No. 1 of 2015 based on the building area x the building index x the unit price of the fees.

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Duration of the process for building permits for non-residential public buildings (8 floors)

The time to do the IMB itself is 25 working days, since the technical documents are approved. If you have an IMB, you can take it to the PTSP counter in the local administrative city.

Requirement Public Buildings IMB (Non-Residential) 9 more floors

Almost the same as the requirements for obtaining a public building permit for non-residential buildings (up to 8 floors), even for buildings with a height of more than nine floors, the following requirements must be met:

  • IMB registration form
  • Photocopy of the applicant’s KTP and NPWP
  • Photocopy of the Land Certificate, which has been legalized by a Notary,
  • Photocopy of UN last year
  • Include the Urban Planning Decree (KRK) and the Building Layout Plan (RTLB / Blokplan) from BPTSP
  • Include a photocopy of a land use appointment permit (SIPPT) from the governor, if the land area of ​​the planning area is 5,000 M2 or more.
  • Architectural design drawings (consisting of location drawings, plans, views, sections, infiltration wells) planned by architects that have IPTB, GSB noted, GSJ and land boundaries)
  • Approval recommendations Architectural Consulting Team City (TPAK), if the construction area is 9 floors or more,
  • The results of the ground investigation carried out by the Consultants,
  • Approval of the results of the TPKB Session, if the height of the building is 9 floors or more and or a building with a basement of more than 1 floor, or a building with a special structure.
  • Installation drawing (LAK/LAL/SDP/TDP/TUG)
  • UKL / UPL recommendations from BPLHD if the construction area is from 2,000 to 10,000 M2, or AMDAL recommendations if the construction area is more than 10,000 M2.
  • Letter of Appointment of the Contractor and the Board of Directors to Supervise the Construction of the Building by the Owner of the Building.
  • Power of attorney (if authorized)

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IMB Building Flow for Public Buildings (Non-Residential) 9 Storeys or more

To take care of the 9-storey IMB Public Building (Non-Dwelling), each applicant domiciled in Jakarta must first complete the registration form at the One-Stop Integrated Services Agency (BPTSP) of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Office .

There, the applicant is also asked to include the specified requirements, then the files presented will be examined and judged by the City Architecture Advisory Team (TPAK). After graduation, they will be tested again based on the Structure Planning by the Building Construction Advisory Team (TPKB) and the Installation Planning and M&E at the Building Installation Advisory Team (TPIB).

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Then the officer will calculate the amount of the IMB tax/tax, after which the applicant must immediately pay the IMB withdrawal tax through Bank DKI and request a proof of payment which is then presented to the BPTSP office to the provincial office of DKI Jakarta, after which the IMB application file can be issued.

The IMB that has been issued will be informed via SMS or phone to the applicant and the IMB can be collected by the applicant at the PBTSP counter.

Fees for making the IMB for non-residential public buildings (9 more floors)

The tax or cost of making an IMB is regulated based on several aspects, the calculation is as follows, Building area x index x Unitary Price of Retribution (As stipulated in Regional Regulation No. 1 of 2015).

Duration of manufacturing time

Based on the Governor’s Decree No. 129 of 2012, the IMB can be completed in 25 working days, starting from the time that the technical documents are approved.

IMB function

  1. Provides legal protection. In this way, when you build a building and there are parties that damage you, you can proceed according to the law.
  2. Increase the selling price. IMB is one of the most important legal documents. If your building has an IMB, the sale price can naturally increase.
  3. Become a bank guarantee guarantor. IMB can actually be used as guarantees for credit applications to banks.
  4. Requirements to convert HGB to SHM. Yes, IMB is indeed one of the conditions to change a building from HGB to SHM status. Without an IMB, the conversion process cannot be carried out.

Example of Application Letter IMB



The undersigned:


ID number:



place of construction:

building address:

I hereby declare that I am able to fulfill the technical requirements for the construction of a building in accordance with the DKI Jakarta Regional Regulation regarding the Remuneration of Building Permits and the conditions for the construction of the building as stated in the Construction Permit (IMB), including other requirements including the determination of demarcation lines and water resource limits.

If during the construction implementation something happens that results from negligence or deviation from the technical requirements for the construction of a predetermined building, then I am willing to take legal responsibility and it is said that the construction permit that was issued will not be no longer. be valid

Thus I have made this statement sincerely and knowingly without coercion from any party.

Jakarta, ……………………

Who makes a statement,

(Full name and seal)

IMB application letter in PDF format, click here

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