I must know! This is the Size and Material of the Table Runner

I must know! This is the Size and Material of the Table Runner

table runner material

Table runner serve as a coat dining table to keep it clean. Regardless of its function, table runner It also has an attractive appearance so that it is widely used as a decoration on the table.

Usually, long table runner reaches 150-200 cm with a width of 33-40 cm. To get the size table runner the best fit, we need to measure the width of the dining table and divide by 3.

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For example, the width of the dining table is 120 cm. If divided by 3, then the width table runner which is suitable is 40 cm.

Other than that, be sure table runner 30 cm longer than the dining table. If the length of the dining table is 150 cm, then it is long table runner the ideal is 180 cm.

table runner size
Table runner size.

All kinds of material Table runner?

Material table runner quite different. In order not to choose the wrong one, consider several types of materials table runner the following.

1. Table runner Linen

table linen
Table runner 33×180 Cm Basic Line – Abu-abu
Tablecloths with a neutral and minimalist design are suitable for the dining room.

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Table runner Linen fabric is usually made from vegetable fibers that are quite light and not easily torn.

You can use it table runner linens for a more formal dinner. You see, this material can create an elegant impression. Just choose table runner gray with a size of 33 x 180 x 1 cm.

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2. Table runner Polyester

Polyester table runner
Table runner 33×180 Cm Eye – Merah Maroon
Tablecloths with polyester material that is strong and easy for you to clean.

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Table runner from polyester material It is known to be quite durable, dries quickly, and does not wrinkle easily. You can find table runner polyester in many colors. So, you can install according to the theme of the dinner.

3. Table runner Woven fabric

woven fabric table runners
Pendopo 40×150 Cm Table Runner Reverse Weave – Green
The table runner with striped motifs and a mix of green makes it charming.

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In addition to having a high aesthetic value, table runner quality fabric. In addition, the woven fabric can also create a more luxurious look of the dining table.

Use it table runner it measures 45 x 150 cm and has a tassel to make the table more attractive.

4. Cotton fabric

cotton tablecloth
Ribbed table runner 33×180 cm – Putih
Tablecloth with a blend of quality cotton and polyester.

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cotton tablecloth
Ribbed table runner 33×180 Cm X8 – Biru
Table runners with classic motifs are suitable for decorating guest tables and dining tables.

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Material table runner of cotton and polyester have a soft and smooth texture. Thus, you can clean more easily without having to iron.

This fabric can create a dining room that looks simple, but still charming without having to be complicated.

5. PVC

PVC table runner
Appetite Set of 5 woven placemats and table runner – black
A table runner with a charming placemat is perfect for entertaining guests.

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pvc tablecloth
Appetite Set of 5 woven placemats and table runners – beige
Table runner with woven patterns to decorate the dining table.

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Material table runner then it’s PVC. This material is known for being light, waterproof, and leaves no trace of food stains.

If you are interested, you can buy it table runner Black and beige PVC measures 158 x 30 cm. color table runner This can create an elegant impression on the dining table.

It is the material and the size table runner which you can choose. Besides being a home decoration, you can make this item as a Christmas gift idea gift for mother’s day.

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