HW Group Provides Training Classes for Children with Disabilities

HW Group Provides Training Classes for Children with Disabilities

JAKARTA, lacrymosemedia.com – HW Group, a country children’s company in the food and beverage sector, has opened its wings to embrace children with disabilities.

HW Group believes that every level of society has the right to equal opportunities, including those with disabilities.

In this regard, HW Group invited people with disabilities with kitaoneus.asia to conduct coffee and mocktail training at Rocca Osteria & Bar, one of HW Group outlets.

Indonesian influencer and YouTuber Edho Zell was seen actively participating in the training, which was attended by dozens of physically challenged children. Edho Zell was seen crafting drinks under the direct supervision of bar trainer Vikram of HW Group.

Edho Zell appreciated the training class provided by HW Group.

“For all friends with special abilities, an experience from HW Group has been added today. I hope HW Group will have new opportunities and they can be applied,” said Edho Zell, an Indonesian influencer and YouTuber.

Curious about HW Group’s focus on upholding its values ​​of diversity and inclusion, a participant from kitaoneus.asia asked if deaf people could work at HW Group?

Adhitiya, General Manager, Human Capital and Facilities Management, answering this question. V. Vibava answered that it is very possible to absorb workers with disabilities.

“HW Group and kitaoneus.asia are in the process of collaborating and will facilitate training and guide every potential employee with a disability to be able to work with HW,” he said.

With support, we hope to contribute to the improvement of the nation’s economy and the enrichment of quality Indonesian human resources.

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In addition, representatives of kitaoneus.asia really appreciate the services and training opportunities provided to children with disabilities.

“We are very happy and grateful for the attention HW Group shows to children with disabilities,” he explained.

“We hope that in the future there will be many activities that can be done together to make friends with disabilities,” he added.

HW Group, which is often mentioned on the Hotman Paris Instagram account, has dozens of outlets and is currently in the process of setting up several new outlets. (wool/eco/d1)