How to write the correct diploma according to the EYD for students and graduates

How to write the correct diploma according to the EYD for students and graduates

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After completing the level of education in a tertiary institution, a person will receive an integrated academic diploma at the end of the full name.

The name of the title is given according to the major taken.

But we often face obstacles to know how to write the correct academic degree when we make a CV or other requirements.

Whether it is because the writing is difficult to memorize or the use of lowercase and uppercase letters is difficult to distinguish.

Although this is one of the considerations of the recruiter in the selection of future workers.

If you are one of those people who often experience this problem, let’s immediately see how to write the correct university degrees, masters, postgraduates and diplomas according to the following EYD.

How to write the correct title according to EYD

legalized diploma

The procedure for writing the correct diploma is contained in Permenristekdikti Number 59 of 2018 concerning Diplomas, Certificates of Competence, Professional Certificates, Degrees, and Procedures for Writing Degrees in Higher Education.

In the rules are written capital letters, small letters, the use of commas and periods that have been determined.

In academic degrees, it is written with a dot between the letters in the abbreviation of the title in question.

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Then write the title is written behind the name of a person.

Between the person’s name and the title they carry, a comma is added.

If there is more than one title behind a person’s name, then a comma is inserted between these titles.

For example: Taufik Rahmat, SH, SE, MM

Between the name and the title, there is a comma.

Between the three titles, there is also a comma.

Between the letters of the abbreviation of the title, a period is marked.

If there is no comma between the name and the title, the writing of the title is wrong and the abbreviation does not mean title, but it can mean family name, surname and others.

Correct writing of diploma diploma

1) Primary member = AP (D1)

2) Ahli Muda = A.Ma. (D2)

3) Ahli Madya = A.Md. (D3)

4) Associate Member of Education = A.Md.Pd. (D3)

5) Associate Member of Nursing = A.Md.Per. (D3)

6) Ahli Madya Kesehatan = A.Md.Kes. (D3)

7) Ahli Madya Kebidanan = A.Md.Bid. (D3)

8) Ahli Madya Pariwisata = A.Md.Par. (D3)

Correct writing of bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees

s1 grade

S1 grade

1) St. Ag. (Bachelor of Religion)

2) S. Pd. (Bachelor of Education)

3) Yes (Science)

4) S. Psi. (Degree in Psychology)

5) St. Hum. (Bachelor of Humanities)

6) St. Kom. (Bachelor in Computer Science)

7) S.Sn. (Bachelor of Arts)

8) S. Pt. (Bachelor’s degree in animal husbandry)

9) S.Ked. (Medical Degree)

10) STI (Degree in Islamic Theology)

11) S. Kes. (Bachelor in Health)

12) S. Sos. (Bachelor in Social Sciences)

13) S.Kar. (Bachelor of Dance)

14) S. Phil. (Degree in Philosophy)

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15) ST (Degree in Engineering)

16) SP (Bachelor of Agriculture)

17) SS (Degree in Literature)

18) SH (Bachelor of Law)

19) SE (Degree in Economics)

20) STK (Degree in Christian Theology)

21) SIP (Degree in Political Science)

22) SKM (Bachelor in Public Health)

23) SHI (Bachelor in Islamic Law)

24) S.Sos.I. (Bachelor in Islamic Social Sciences)

25) S. Phil. I. (Degree in Islamic Philosophy)

26) S.Pd.I. (Bachelor in Islamic Education)

Gelar S2

1) Master of Economics (ME)

2) Master in Islamic Economics (MEI)

3) Master in Islamic Economics (MESy.)

4) Master in Epidemiology (M.Epid.)

5) Master of Pharmacy (M.Pharm.)

6) Master of Clinical Pharmacy (M.Farm.Klin.)

7) Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.)

8) Master of Islamic Philosophy (M.Phil.I.)

9) Master of Laws (MH)

10) Master of Islamic Law (MHI)

11) Master of Health Law (MHKes.)

12) Master of Humanities (M.Hum.)

13) Master in Administrative Sciences (MA)

Gelar S3

1) Dr.

Therefore, this is the correct way to write university degrees, masters, doctors and diploma according to the EYD.

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