How to watch digital TV without a Set Top Box (STB). Very Easy!

How to watch digital TV without a Set Top Box (STB). Very Easy!

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Finally, analog TV broadcasts have officially stopped working and people have to watch their favorite shows on digital channels with the help of Set Top Boxes. Well, did you know there is a way to watch digital TV without a Set Top Box?

If you don’t know what a Set Top Box (STB) is, this tool has a crucial function in the migration from analog to digital TV.

With this device, you can easily access digital TV shows.

Even so, it turns out there are other ways to enjoy digital shows without using an STB, that’s it.

How what? Check out the full review as reported by!

How to watch digital TV without a set top box

The first thing to do is to check whether the TV at home has HDTV functions or not.

The description can be seen on the body of the TV.

If you support it, you will see a label or bult-in jack input HDTV, DTV, Digital Ready, Digital Tuner, Digital Receiver, and the like on your TV.

In addition, you can also see the specifications of the TV by accessing the Google search site.

Then, you can check out the broadcast image capture tool on the Kominfo site.

Here is a link you can visit: Digital TV Device Information.

In the “Device Name” column, select the “Television” category and the site will automatically display a list of digital-based TVs.

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Alternatively, you can enter the menu channel, it can be done via the search button or from the settings menu.

When there is a choice of DTV or channel digital means your TV can receive digital broadcasts.

If the information cannot be found, it means that your TV needs a Set Top Box to watch digital broadcasts.

Kominfo shares free set top boxes

set top box


If you don’t know, Kominfo apparently distributes free STB, but not for everyone.

Those who belong to the group of extremely poor families who have an analog TV and are located in areas where analog broadcasting coverage is available can get STB for free.

In addition, the recipients of this free STB must also have their names and addresses listed in the Social Welfare Integrated Data (DTKS) of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

Meanwhile, for people who can afford it, the Set Top Box itself can be purchased at a price of 150-300 thousand IDR.


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