How to wash silk clothes to make them last and stay soft. Easy going!

How to wash silk clothes to make them last and stay soft. Easy going!

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To keep the color and appearance looking bright, wash silk clothes thoroughly. If you don’t know, see how to wash silk clothes in the article below!

Silk is one of the soft and light clothing materials, so it is comfortable to use and does not irritate people with sensitive skin.

Not only that, clothes made of silk are known to be strong and can last for a long time.

Unfortunately, silk dresses require extra care to maintain their color and texture.

Therefore, it is very important for you to know how to wash silk clothes well and correctly.

Here are some things you can do at home!

7 ways to wash silk clothes

1. Separate laundry room

Separate clothes before washing


The first way to wash silk clothes is to separate them from other materials.

Not only that, you also have to separate the clothes made of silk from the clothes that have color.

The reason is, the color of silk fabric that is still new often fades faster.

With separate washing, unwanted things like color fading are guaranteed not to happen.

2. Check Stubborn Stains

The next way to wash silk clothes is to check for stains.

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Make sure that the stubborn stains on the clothes are gone before starting the laundry process.

To remove, you can spray cleaning liquid on stubborn stains.

Then, gently rub the part.

After it’s gone, just do the washing process.

3. Use cold water

how to wash silk clothes with cold water


The silk shirt includes a type of clothing that is very easy to lighten the color every time it is washed.

To prevent the color from fading, you can wash clothes made of silk in cold water.

Cold water works to keep the color of the garment from fading and stays on well during the wash.

This method is not only applied to silk clothes, that’s it!

You can also use this method on all types of materials that easily fade.

4. Do not use strong detergents

Silk is a soft textile material so it needs a different kind of care.

This means that you have to make sure that the content of the detergent used is not too harsh.

Detergents like this can really damage clothes made of silk.

Alternatively, you can use a mild organic detergent and fabric softener.

During the dipping process, also make sure not to soak the fabric for too long.

The recommended time to soak silk clothes is five minutes.

5. Avoid using a washing machine

how to wash silk clothes avoid machine washing

When you have to wash silk clothes, you should use the traditional method, that is, by hand, instead of washing machines.

Using your hands, you can control the necessary pressure so that the silk shirt is not easily damaged.

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Using a washing machine can make silk fabrics pulled and damaged, especially with the dryer function.

Instead, just wash the clothes in cold water.

Then, gently shake the silk dress.

6. Do not dry under the sun

The next way to wash silk clothes is to do the drying process.

When drying clothes, avoid areas exposed to direct sunlight.

Just stick with it hanger in the shade or in the wind to dry.

Let the silk shirt dry naturally.

7. Iron carefully

how to wash clothes with ironing silk carefully

Finally, iron the completely dry silk shirt to remove any remaining creases.

Select the lowest temperature available on the iron.

If you want to spray the deodorizer on the clothes, you can cover the clothes with a piece of newspaper.

Then, spray the fragrance on it.

This is done so that the color of the clothes is not damaged.


I hope the discussion on how to wash silk clothes above can be useful for Owners, yes!

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