How to wash pillows and throws correctly and easily

How to wash pillows and throws correctly and easily

wash the pillow by hand

Discover a number of ways to wash pillows and bolsters well and easily. Make sure they are both clean for a more comfortable and sound sleep.

How long do you usually wash your sheets, pillowcases and pillows each time?

The answers are bound to vary.

When you change your sheets, pillowcases and pillows every week, you will find a lot of things.

The sheets were dirty because maybe you forgot to wash your feet when you were in bed and it smelled of sweat.

So imagine if you wash your sheets, pillows, and comforters more than once every two or three weeks.

Well, what about pillows and cushions?

Imagine if you have to use pillows and cushions for several months or even years.

These pillows and cushions have never been washed, have they?

Imagine how much dirt, smell and other sticks.

Surely you have a smelly pillow, a musty smelling pillow, or damp pillows and cushions.

Usually, Indonesians like to dry their mattresses, pillows, and bolsters in the sun.

Then, use a broomstick to clean the dust and dirt on the cushions and pillows.

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Although pillows and cushions can also be washed, you know, but you have to see the material first.

Property site explain a number of steps on how to clean pillows and cushions at home. summary from many pages and other sources.

Easy steps to clean the pillow


How to wash pillows and throws at home easily and correctly

1. Check the contents of pillows and cushions

Make it a habit to check the contents of the pillows and cushions, if they are still in good condition or not, so that they can be used while sleeping comfortably.

If the content of the pillow is not good, you can strengthen or even replace the pillows and cushions with new ones.

2. Find the contents of pillows and cushions

Usually, the contents of pillows and cushions are foam pillows, dacron pillows, silicone pillows, and goose pillows, each of these materials requires different ways of care.

Dacron pillows are loved by many people because they are comfortable to use, dacron is a brand, this material is made of synthetic polyester.

If you know the contents of the pillow, you can choose how to wash nanofiber pillows or how to wash pillows filled with styrofoam, the method is different.

How to wash a latex pillow, how to wash a kapok pillow, how to wash a goose feather pillow is also different.

Do not forget, how to wash dacron material, how to wash memory foam pillows, how to wash polyester pillows can also be different.

Later, how to wash pillows based on the materials and also how to wash doll pillows will be discussed in other articles or tips.

3. Check the Seam Condition of Cushions and Bolsters

Do not forget to check the stitching of the pillows and cushions, if they are torn or have holes. I was worried that the contents might come out when washed.

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Check all parts carefully.

4. Check the care label

Each pillow will have a care label, don’t underestimate this when you want to wash this bedding.

After checking the condition and contents of the pillows and cushions, you must prepare for the next step.

how to clean pillows in the washing machine


5. Using the right soap

It is recommended to use liquid detergent instead of detergent to avoid the possibility of sticking to the fabric fibers.

The smell of washing powder often lingers, not suitable for those of you who are allergic.

6. Preparing Hot Water

You can use hot water so that the bacteria and fungi that stick to the pillow can be lost.

Soak the pillows and cushions first for a few moments.

7. Wash your hands

If the pillows and cushions contain foam material, you must wash them manually, with your hands.

How to wash pillows by hand should be done slowly,

If there are dirty parts, just use a soft brush.

8. Wash with a washing machine

If the pillows and cushions contain materials from dacron, silicone, or goose down, you can wash them by putting them in the washing machine.

You don’t need to wash for too long.

care of pillows at home

9. Rinse it Clean

Do not forget, when you wash by hand or use a washing machine, you must wash well.

You can use hot water or water with normal temperature.

10. Drying of pillows and rolls

After washing and rinsing, the next step is to dry the pillows and cushions until they are completely dry.

Do not underestimate this last step, when you want to dry washed pillows and bolsters.

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If the pillows and cushions are not completely dry, mold can appear which causes the smell.

11. Pressing Pillows and Bolsters When Washed by Hand

If you wash pillows and cushions by hand, make a habit of pressing them.

Do not squeeze because it can change the shape of the pillow.

12. Load in the Dryer

You can put it in the dryer if you wash your pillows and bolsters with a washing machine.

Do not use the dryer for too long.

strengthen cleaning recommendations


13. Dry the pillow in the sun

After that, you can dry the pillows and cushions so that they are exposed to the sun even if it is not direct.

Find a drying place that is not too dusty.

14. Ensuring Pillows and Rolls are dry

When drying, do not forget to pat the pillows and cushions, and turn them so that they are completely dry and there is no potential for mold to develop.

Hmm, it turns out that how to wash pillows and cushions is not difficult to do yourself at home, yes, you can try.

Another option is to use a pillow washing service if you don’t have time to wash your own pillow.


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