How to wash microfiber cloths so that they are always clean and durable

How to wash microfiber cloths so that they are always clean and durable

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Do not throw away the cloth microfiber when dirty It is better to clean again with a cloth wash microfiber this!

Cain microfiber it is one of the tools you should have at home.

This is why microfiber able to clean all furniture surfaces and able to absorb water and soil effectively.

However, because it is able to absorb the soil well, fabric microfiber very easy to clean and dusty.

Therefore, it is important to always care and wash this cloth after use.

Go ahead, see how to wash the cloth microfiber clean order back below!

How to wash clothes Microfiber Clean order

There are several steps you have to take to make the fabric microfiber come back clean.

Here’s how to wash fabric microfiber well:

1. Flick the Cloth so that the Dust and Dirt Disappears

how to wash a microfiber cloth to keep it clean

Before starting to wash the cloth microfiberyou should try to remove the dust and dirt that sticks first.

Shake the cloth microfiber until the dust and dirt fall off, then throw the dirt into the trash.

Although it seems trivial, this one step is important to do.

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The reason is that dirt and dust stick to the pores microfiber not absorbed by the washing water or reattached to the pores of the fabric.

2. Using the Correct Detergent

After the canvas microfiber clean from adhering dust, you can simply wash this cloth.

How to wash clothes microfiber it’s really easy, because the process is the same as washing clothes or clothes in general.

However, just make sure that the detergent you use does not have additives such as fragrances or softeners.

Both of these materials can damage the fibers in the fabric and make it microfiber It is not effective in picking up the soil.

If you don’t have special detergent, you can use a little ordinary detergent or no detergent at all.

3. Do the Hand Wash Method

easy way to wash microfiber cloth

When fabric microfiber rarely used or only used to clean small dust, you do not need to wash in the machine.

Instead, wash the fabric in a container filled with hot water without detergent.

Then, wash the fabric by hand until all the dirt is gone.

4. Dry the Cloth Microfiber in Clean Place

How to wash clothes microfiber then it is to dry in a clean place.

Cain microfiber it is so good to lift the soil that it is likely to pick up dirt or dust on a dirty rope or rack.

In fact, there is a possibility that the cloth absorbs the dust carried by the wind from drying outside.

To overcome this, you can dry the fabric on a curtain rod shower or in the bathroom.

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Even in a humid place with low temperatures, fabric microfiber it will dry in no time.

5. Separate the Fabric Microfiber with the clothes

how to wash a microfiber cloth quickly

If the fabric is in a very dirty condition and is often used to clean many things, you should wash it in the machine.

However, make sure that the fabric is separated from other clothes.

This should be done so that the fabric does not absorb fibers, hair, dust and dirt from the washed clothes.

When drying the fabric, also make sure not to use the dryer because microfiber including types of fabric that cannot go in the dryer.

This is because the heat from the engine can damage it microfiber.

6. Always wash the cloth after use

How to wash clothes microfiber Finally, always wash after use.

Like cotton rags, cloth microfiber It must be washed after use so that the dust and dirt that sticks can fall.

This can also reduce the risk of dust on the cloth damaging or scratching the surface of the article being cleaned.


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