How to wash clothes with good and correct hands

How to wash clothes with good and correct hands

wash clothes easily by hand

Here’s how to wash clothes by hand the right way. Go ahead, see the full explanation and steps in this article.

Today, there are even some Indonesians who wash their clothes by hand.

In addition to being limited in tools, washing clothes by hand is also believed by some to be cleaner than using washing machine.

However, washing clothes by hand requires extra effort and special skills so that the clothes are not damaged.

Instead of wanting the clothes to be clean, the clothes or pants are actually damaged due to improper washing techniques.

So that something like this does not happen to you, you have to understand the basic tips and methods that have been summarized in this article.

Go ahead, just see how to wash clothes with good and straight hands below, publish different sources.

How to wash clothes with the right hand

1. Differentiate clothes according to color

How to wash clothes by hand

The first step you have to do is to distinguish the clothes according to the color.

These tips are very useful to avoid fading on clothes.

When a moment fades away wash the clothesDifferent colors of clothing have the potential to be exposed and cause damage to the color of the clothing.

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Therefore, before washing the color of the clothes must be classified.

2. Wear hand skin protection equipment when necessary

The second way to wash clothes by hand is to use a leather hand protector made of rubber or similar.

For some people, the skin of the hand exposed to the detergent can irritate the skin so that it becomes red.

To prevent this, you can use a hand protector made of rubber that is durable and long lasting.

3. Soak the Shirt in Detergent Water

Next, you can immerse the clothes that have been separated according to color in a container full of detergent water.

Do this for a few minutes so that the stains attached to the clothes can be lifted.

After 5 minutes, you can move on to the next step which is no less important.

4. Do not rub or brush too hard

After soaking the clothes for a few minutes in the detergent water, you can rub the clothes or brush them gently.

Washing clothes by hand too hard can cause clothes to get damaged and wrinkled quickly.

Also, washing too hard can also cause damage to the design of the garment.

Therefore, do the washing process slowly so that the clothes can be durable and long.

5. Dry in a place exposed to the sun

How to wash clothes with the right hands

The last way to wash clothes by hand is to dry them under sunlight.

You can dry the clothes for several hours until the clothes are completely dry.

If the weather is cloudy or rainy, you can dry your clothes in a closed but well-ventilated place.

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Because the clothes dry well when exposed to the air that moves in the room.

After that, you can iron and clean it for reuse.

Good luck!

Those were a few tips and how to wash clothes by hand well and correctly.

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