How to use AnyCast from HP to TV

How to use AnyCast from HP to TV

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Do you want to connect your phone to a TV with the same look? Just use AnyCast. Learn how to use AnyCast to connect your phone to the following TV, ok!

Technological innovation does not die and has a very important role in human life.

In today’s digital age, cell phones or smartphones it has become part of one of the main needs.

Smartphone today it can be used for different activities, ranging from communicating to entertainment facilities such as watching.

Have you ever thought of watching videos from your mobile phone but saw them on the television screen?

It turns out that this can be done with a device called AnyCast, here we go.

Interested in using this sophisticated tool? Let’s see how to use AnyCast, let’s go!

What is AnyCast?

AnyCast is an electronic device that works to connect or project mobile devices, tablets, laptops, or computers to televisions or monitors.

Using this tool, you will be able to view photos, applications, navigationto watch movies.

In other words, whatever activity is on the phone screen will be displayed directly on the connected television.

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This tool can be connected to different brands of television without restrictions, as long as the television has one harbor HDMI.

Even if the television you want to connect does not have it harbor HDMI, an alternative method you can try is to use an adapter converter for RCA to HDMI.

How to use AnyCast

Launched by the Pricebook Youtube channel, here are the ways!

1. Install AnyCast on Port HDMI

hdmi anycast

Before you buy AnyCast, make sure the television you want to connect to already has one harbor HDMI so you don’t have to use it converter.

Port HDMI is usually located on the back of the television with the description “HDMI IN” on the side harborshe

If you have found harbor it, install AnyCast.

2. Connect AnyCast with Power

how to connect anycast

The way to use AnyCast that you cannot miss is to connect the device to electricity.

There are three ways to do this, namely by connecting the USB cable directly to the television, using an adapter charger o power bank.

If you want to use an adapter chargerthen connect the USB cable from AnyCast to the adapter.

In addition to these two methods, you can also connect with AnyCast power bank.

3. Check the Television Screen

anycast tv

Once connected, AnyCast will display the default menu on the television screen.

There are two options that you can choose, namely AirPlay & DLNA and Miracast.

AirPlay & DLNA is used to connect iOS devices and utilities streaming.

Meanwhile, Miracast is used to connect Android devices.

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4. Select One Menu

How to use AnyCast on iPhone

  • Select AirPlay & DLNA.
  • Open the Wi-Fi menu on iPhone and connect with AnyCast.
  • enter password AnyCast matches the PSK number displayed on the television screen.
  • Instead of Control Center, tap the Screen Mirroring menu.
  • Connect with AnyCast.

How to use AnyCast on Android

  • Select Miracast.
  • Download Miracast application from PlayStore.
  • Open the Wi-Fi menu on Android and connect with AnyCast.
  • enter password AnyCast matches the PSK number displayed on the television screen.
  • Open the Miracast app, tap Connect.

5. Check the Television Screen Again

After following how to use AnyCast for iPhone or Android above, check the television screen again.

Make sure that the display of the television screen matches the display of the screen of your mobile phone.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using AnyCast

The advantage of using AnyCast is that it does not require an Internet connection because it uses a Wi-Fi network without the need for an HDMI cable.

However, compared to other devices, AnyCast has a weakness that should be considered, namely that it makes the HP battery more stressed.

Battery HP or smartphones so it’s wasted quickly when using AnyCast because yes mirror on television.

Therefore, if connected to AnyCast, the HP display must be turned on to play the display on the television screen.


That’s how to use AnyCast from HP to TV, Property People.

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