How to use a steam iron. Make no mistake, it’s easy!

How to use a steam iron. Make no mistake, it’s easy!

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How to use a steam iron is not even known to the general public even though it is often found in household furniture. What are the steps to use? Read this article to the end, ok?

Ironing clothes is an activity that requires concentration and precision.

The number of incidents of clothes burning during ironing is an example of negligence caused by lack of focus.

You certainly don’t want to experience that, do you?

Well, in addition to the concentration factor, the quality of the iron can also affect the results, that’s it.

To be more efficient, the use of a steam iron is now preferred by many people.

However, how do you use a steam iron, especially for those of you who only have one?

Launch different sources, here are reviews and how to use a steam iron that you can apply at home.

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How to use a steam iron

how to use a steam iron

1. Fill Water In The Steam Iron Tank

Pour enough water into the steam iron tank.

Make sure the iron is slightly tilted back when the water is poured into the tank.

First, read or know in advance the water capacity of the steam iron you have.

This is important because each steam iron has a different water tank.

2. Make sure the iron is off

When draining the water on the steam iron tank, another thing to pay attention to is the condition of the iron.

Make sure the iron is off, yes.

3. Turn on the Steam Iron

After that, just turn on the iron by connecting the cable to an electric current.

The position of the place when the iron and the length of the iron cord must also be considered.

4. Set Iron Temperature

how to use a steam iron

Then also determine the temperature of the iron and adjust to the material of the garment to be trimmed.

Usually clothes with certain materials have provisions on heat resistance.

The characteristics of these clothes are usually listed on the label.

Some steam irons usually have an indicator that turns on during the heating process, and turns off automatically when it reaches a predetermined temperature.

5. Start Ironing & Turn On Steam Feature

Once it feels warm, start ironing as usual.

Later, the steam comes out from under the iron by itself.

Adjust the steam taste to the type of fabric or clothes, yes.

5. Use the Spray Feature

This function can be used when ironing clothes that are too wrinkled.

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Spray some water on the surface of the garment.

This combination of steam and water will be useful for untangling wrinkled clothes.

6. Don’t Put the Iron on Too Long

save the iron

In the process of ironing the clothes, do not let the iron sit on the clothes for too long.

Attach the iron stand to put it on when you want to change the position of the dresses.

Place the iron in a standing position or on a stand that feels safe.

7. Return the Temperature to Zero

After the iron is done, change the temperature to zero as usual.

Drain the water until there is no more water.

Wait for the iron to cool down and put it back in its original place.

That’s how to use a steam iron for everyday purposes, Property People.

Well, in addition, steam irons have a number of advantages over ordinary electric irons, that’s it.

Some of the benefits that can be gained from using this steam iron include:

  • There is no need for more effort by pressing too hard and repeatedly
  • The hot steam that is produced when ironing, in addition to making it clean, also kills bacteria that may still be attached.
  • It can be used for various types of clothing, including materials with soft materials

Tips for buying a steam iron

There are a number of tips when buying a steam iron. something?

1. Choose a Nonstick Ironing Surface

Choose a steam iron with materials stainless steel highly recommended because this material is classified as non-stick.

Not only, stainless steel it is also a good material to conduct heat.

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Therefore, when buying a steam iron, choose a non-stick surface with the best materials.

2. Choose an iron that has a long enough cable

The thing that is often overlooked when buying a steam iron is the cable.

Choose an iron with a cable length that is not too long but not too short.

3. Choose an iron with a comfortable weight

For convenience, you also pay attention to the weight of the iron, that’s it.

According to various sources, the ideal weight of the iron is in the range of 0.5 kilograms to 1 kilogram.

4. Guaranteed Iron Brand

As with other home furniture, choosing the best brand of iron should also be an important concern.

If necessary, buy a steam iron that provides a guarantee.


I hope the review is useful, yes.

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