How to update IndiHome Speed ​​Online and Offline. Pretty easy!

How to update IndiHome Speed ​​Online and Offline. Pretty easy!

update indihome speed

It can be done by online and offlinehere’s how upgrade speed IndiHome easily. Please read the guide carefully, ok?

Slow Wi-Fi speeds make things slow and irritate us.

There are many reasons that make the speed of Wi-Fi slow, one of which is due to the large number of users.

As a solution, you can limit Wi-Fi users so that the speed is optimal again.

However, if you can’t, there is no more effective way than increasing Wi-Fi speed or adding IndiHome FUP.

Well, for those of you who are currently looking for information on how upgrade speed Wi-Fi in particular supplier IndiHome, please read this article carefully.

Through the following reviews explain how upgrade speed IndiHome through multiple channels, including online online.

3 Dear Upgrade Speed IndiHome

how to update indihome speed

1. Through the myIndiHome application

Another term to increase Internet speed in IndiHome is add-on.

Through the myIndiHome application, you can upgrade speed IndiHome as required.

Here’s the way upgrade speed IndiHome through the application:

  • First, open the myIndiHome application on the smartphone.
  • If not login please login with mobile number or email registered before and enter the password.
  • Then wait until you get the OTP code sent via SMS or WA application.
  • Enter the OTP code sent via SMS or WA.
  • After entering the initial appearance of the application, look for the “Buy” menu.
  • Click the “Buy” menu then look for the “Add-on Service” option.
  • When it’s done, click “See All” to see all the options add-on provided
  • Through this menu, you will be presented with several options add-onincluding “update rate”.
  • Please select the “upgrade speed” menu.
  • Customers will then have the option to increase their Internet speed, from 20 Mbps to 50 Mbps.
  • After choosing the speed, click ‘Subscribe’.
  • To find out the total bill, go to the “Payment” page and check the “Terms and conditions” column for proof of approval.
  • Finally, click ‘Subscribe’.
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For the record, IndiHome customers can do it upgrade speed must check email first.

So what should be emphasized, after successful implementation add-on through the application, the process will be active later to 3 × 24 hours.

2. Through Social Media

darling upgrade speed IndiHome will go through social media by sending a DM message to the account @IndiHomeCare.

The format of the message sent may contain

  • customer name,
  • indihome number,
  • The HP number that was registered, and
  • speed to be added.

If you are not sure about increasing your speed, you can first ask the Twitter administrator @IndiHomeCare.

Questions can be asked about the cost and speed of the internet offered.

3. Come directly to the nearest Telkom Plaza

darling upgrade speed The last IndiHome is to go directly to the nearest IndiHome Plaza.

The advantage of coming to Plasa Telkom, you can immediately consult with the staff.

The process is even safer because it is directly carried out locally.

Some of the conditions that must be carried are an identity card and the IndiHome number.

Vital records

For customers who want to increase the speed of the internet up to 100 Mbps, they can not do it through applications and via social media.

Launch page who want update Speeds up to 100 Mbps can only be registered through the nearest Telkom Plaza.


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