How to Treat Home Drains so they don’t leak and last longer

How to Treat Home Drains so they don’t leak and last longer

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Because they are rarely cleaned and left dirty, many ducts in the house leak and break quickly. To avoid this problem, check out the different ways to take care of your home channels here!

The gutters are one of the important elements in the house because they serve to accommodate and drain the rainwater that falls on the roof.

Despite its important function, it is very rare for people to clean the channels in their home.

As a result, gutters leak quickly and are damaged by extreme weather, storms, or wear and tear.

Therefore, your channels are more durable and can be used for a long time, we follow the different ways to care for the drops below!

How to treat house drains so they don’t leak

1. Clean Gutters Routinely

how to take care of the gutters clean the ground

How to take care of the accounts of the first house is to always clean the gutters regularly.

Every few weeks, take the time to clean the yards of dirt or accumulated leaves.

In the rainy season, clean the channels more regularly to ensure that the pipes continue to function properly.

Use a ladder so you can reach the ducts more easily and clean them by hand.

Remove accumulated dirt and make sure there are no items or debris remaining.

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Thus, the gutter does not drain and drain.

If you have problems reaching the pipe due to its high location, you can hire a canal cleaning service.

2. Removing Items Clogging Pipes

how to treat canals from clogged soil

If the water from the gutter does not flow smoothly into the downspout, there is a good chance that dirt is clogging the appliance.

To overcome this, simply spray the water with great pressure until the dirt you remove can be pushed.

If this method does not work to remove the soil, you can use a helper to pull or push the object that removes the pipe.

3. Check and Fix Minor Damage

how about home channels

The next way to take care of your home’s ducts is to regularly check and fix minor problems with the pipes.

Check regularly to make sure the channels are in good condition and have no damage.

If there are any parts of the pipe that are leaking or rusting, you can immediately make repairs.

Patch the filtering part and coat the patch with anti-rust paint so that the pipe can return to optimal work.

However, if the damage is too severe, you must replace it with a new one so that the rain can flow smoothly.

4. Replacing House Gutters

how to take care of the channels so they don't leak

Gutters are a very important external part of the house and should not leave when it is damaged.

To ensure that the gutters do not have permanent damage, repair and replace the damaged gutters.

Throw out the old gutter and replace it with a new one, preferably one that has a light and easy-to-remove plastic material.

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Because the material is light, the channels are easy to clean and replace in case of damage.

On the other hand, old houses with heavy pipes are usually difficult to replace, because you need the help of a mannequin to replace the pipes.

Safety factors when caring for canals

When taking care of the channels at home, never forget the safety factor to avoid being injured or in an accident.

The first thing to note is to make sure that the ladder is stable with the legs resting on a solid surface.

Thus, your position becomes more stable and you do not fall easily when cleaning the pipes.

Next, never clean the channels when the roof is wet and slippery or the weather is windy.

Also wear non-slip shoes to avoid slipping and gloves to protect your skin from scratches.

Finally, before cleaning the trees, you can clean the roof first so that the dirt on the roof does not accumulate in the accounts.


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