How to tell Male and Female Hamsters apart. Really done!

How to tell Male and Female Hamsters apart. Really done!

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Want to know how to tell the difference between male and female hamsters? Go ahead, just look at the information in this article!

Before you decide to keep a hamster at home, there are several things you need to pay attention to.

One of them is to pay attention to the gender of the hamster, male or female.

While cute and funny, there are some interesting differences between male and female hamsters.

Biological differences may be the most obvious.

In addition, there are significant differences in the personality and habits of male and female hamsters.

Now to identify this, let’s find out how to distinguish male and female hamsters through the description below.

How to tell Male and Female Hamsters apart

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1. Keep Hamster

The first way to tell male and female hamsters apart is to hold their bellies in front of you.

In addition, it is recommended to hold the hamster by the neck gently to calm this adorable animal.

From there, see if the hamster has testicles or not.

As you see you also have to be careful because hamster testicles have a small size and are almost invisible.

Well, these testicles are only possessed by male hamsters and not by female hamsters.

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2. Determine Gender

The next way to identify the sex of a hamster is to look at the distance between the anus and the genitals.

Male hamsters have a certain distance between the genitals and the anus.

While female hamsters have a distance that is considered very close.

This distance can be a challenge for a female hamster to see because the genitals and the anus are only less than 2 cm.

3. Check Hamster’s body shape

Then, also look at the back of your hamster to see if the back of the male hamster is much longer and more rounded and circular in shape than the female hamster.

It should be understood, male hamsters have a type of ball in the testicles that begin to appear when the hamster is 4 weeks.

So, only female hamsters have nipples, while male hamsters do not.

4. Distinct odors


Hamsters are very famous as pets that have a strong odor when they are not cleaned from time to time.

However, this smell can distinguish between male and female hamsters.

Depending on the breed, male hamsters are more likely to have a stronger sense of smell than females.

The smell can also be categorized into two, namely the natural smell that appears or the smell when the hamster is not cleaned regularly.

Both categories also have different smells from each other.

The smell can be easier to tell if you know how to bathe your hamster properly and regularly.

5. Seeing the Condition of the Nipples

The last way to distinguish male and female hamsters is to look at the condition of the nipples.

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Female hamsters certainly have nipples that look like two lines on the belly.

You can tell by gently feeling along the underside.

As with the testicles, the nipples will become more visible with age.

If you already have children, the nipples will be clearly visible.


Hope useful, yes.

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