How to take care of the garden and fish pond at home at @dhouse_dzds

How to take care of the garden and fish pond at home at @dhouse_dzds

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The owner of the house @dhouse_dzds provides a comprehensive guide on caring for gardens and home fish ponds. It turns out relatively simple and hassle-free!

To make it smarter than the limited home page, many owners use the space in the residence to become a garden or a fish pond.

However, many people do not know if the garden in the house needs special care and treatment.

That’s because a garden built in a house usually doesn’t get enough sunlight.

Not to mention the fish pond, if it is not taken care of properly, the pond will make you really miserable because it can invite the pesky mosquitoes to nest in your house.

Well, starting from the above problems, this article will try to reveal how to take care of gardens and fish ponds at home.

To make the following concrete guidelines, Berita Indonesia then interviewed the owner @dhouse_dzds Desire Triek FA

For information only @dhouse_dzds itself is a house that carries the concept of industrial minimalism.

The house is located in Dau area, Kab. Malang is a dream house for many people because it has been “self-built” successfully and its form is really neat.

Not just home design @dhouse_dzds that steals the attention, but inside the residence there is a stunning garden and a fish pond.

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Even in it there is a great tree, that’s it!

So, how about the owner of the house @dhouse_dzds take care of the garden and the fish pond at home?

You can see more details below!

Guide to caring for gardens and fish ponds at home @dhouse_dzds

1. How to get rid of Mosquitoes Nesting in Gardens and Fish Ponds

take care of the garden and the fish pond

People think that gardens and swimming pools in the house can attract mosquitoes to nest.

However, according to Dese, mosquitoes exist in the house, but in normal numbers.

“For mosquitoes, there are only normal numbers, like a house in general,” said Dese.

Even if there is a pool, mosquitoes cannot breed at will because the pool water continues to flow and does not stagnate.

Not to mention that the house of Dese has large openings so that the plants are not damp easily so that the garden area does not become a nest of mosquitoes.

Camera our pool anticipates the mosquitoes by giving abatement. For the plants because the air circulation and lighting are good no it makes the garden too wet and it doesn’t become a mosquito nest,” explained Dese.

2. Tips for choosing and caring for plants in the house

inner court

For those of you who want to create a garden at home, Dese shares concise advice on how to choose and care for plants.

Dese explained, the plants you want to keep in the house must be able to adapt to the surrounding environment.

Here are some plants that according to Dese can adapt to the environment in the house.

“For the plants internal We choose plants that can fit inside, such as sansevieria, aglaonema, betel ivory, taro, ZZ plant, deer antler, kadaka, cactus, and succulents,” said Dese, who works as a homemaker.

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As for the care of it, there is no special trick.

Only water, remove the plants once a week, and occasionally apply fertilizer.

“Plant internal we water once every 2 days and once a week in the air outside, occasionally give a fertilizer to make it fertile.

The question arises, with a garden in the house, how to anticipate pests?

So if you use pesticides; is it safe for the occupants in the house?

“The plant pests in our house only use liquid dish soap mixed with water, so it’s safe for the residents,” Dese replied.

The Story of the Big Tree in the House

inner court

In addition to having an amazing garden and a fish pond, in the house @dhouse_dzds there is a big tree.

There is a unique story about the big tree.

At first, the tree was able to live, but because it was not able to adapt, it ended up dead.

However, during this time the trees became a medium of growth for many plants, such as deer horn, ivory betel and frogs.

Interestingly, Dese admitted that it took 11 people to enter the big tree in the house.

take care of the garden and the fish pond

“In the past, to put a tree in the house, it took 11 people to lift it and align it with pulleys,” recalls Dese.

Dese and her husband also anticipated the growth of the roots, pruning them and stuffing them in sacks.

As a result, the roots are safe and do not affect the structure of the building.

“For the roots themselves, it’s safe, to build structures because the taproots were cut and wrapped in bags,” explained Dese.

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Once wild animals have entered the house!

house near the rice field

After knowing how to take care of gardens and fish ponds at home, the last point will tell you the unique experience of Dese that his house was visited by a number of wild animals.

Why did it happen? Investigate a calibration, it turns out the location of the house @dhouse_dzds near the fields.

As we know, rice fields are the habitat of wild animals like snakes.

“In the early days there were small snakes, geckos, millipedes, big spiders,” recalls Dese.

But over time, these animals can no longer enter because the house is often cleaned.

Especially for snakes, because they can not come back, in addition to cleaning the house, Dese tries to keep the house smelling good.

“To anticipate that snakes do not enter the house, we try to keep the house clean and fragrant by frequently scrubbing the floor, giving fragrances in the room and using a carpet made of coconut fiber in areas that have the potential to enter snakes “, he concluded


It is the guide to take care of the garden and the fish pond in the house as the owner of the house @dhouse_dzds.

Hope useful, Property People.

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***Photo source: personal documentation/dhouse_dzds