How to take care of a sugar glider for beginners that is good and fair

How to take care of a sugar glider for beginners that is good and fair

how to care for sugar gliders

I am interested in keeping it sugar glider At home? Before that, first know how to deal with it sugar glider for starters, yes!

Sugar glider o petaurus breviceps they are small-bodied mammals that are included in the group of marsupial animals.

Marsupials are mammals that have a pouch on their stomach to carry their young, other examples include kangaroos, koalas and wombats.

Sugar glider is one of the animals that is quite popular to keep, no less popular than many types of dogs and cats.

In addition to that, sugar glider It is also quite easy to maintain because the maintenance is not too complicated.

However, there are a few things you need to know about how to maintain it sugar glider to grow well.

Learn to deal with it sugar glider for the following starters, go!

How to care Sugar Glider for beginners

1. Prepare a suitable cage

how to care for sugar gliders

The first step in treatment sugar glider what is good and true is to provide a suitable enclosure.

However sugar glider small in stature, the size of the cage must be large enough because he likes to play and slide.

Set up a spacious cage, sugar glider you will certainly be able to move freely from one side of the cage to the other.

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Also, choose a cage made of mesh or horizontal bars of agar sugar glider can go up

However, it should be noted, avoid choosing iron or steel cages that can rust because this is very dangerous for humans. sugar glider.

2. Give Base to the Cage

When the cage sugar glider is ready, then give the base to the cage.

The base used can be in the form of a large table to accommodate dirt and food waste for easy cleaning.

Avoid using wooden mats or other hard materials as they can interfere with breathing sugar glider.

In addition to avoiding hard mats, also avoid mats that contain toxic materials, sand, or old newspapers.

Cage mat sugar glider it should be cleaned once every week.

3. Provide Pouches, Stalks, and Toys

in nature, sugar glider it is a type of animal that lives and sleeps in trees.

Of course, it is not surprising that they often run from one tree to another and make their nests in tree holes.

A way to deal with it sugar glider what is good and right is to make a cage that resembles its natural habitat.

You can use wool bags or wooden birdhouses with safe materials.

Agar sugar glider it is not easy to stress, also add a stem or a toy.

4. Choose the right Food and Drink

Choosing the right food and drink is one of the most important things in the care of an animal, regardless of its breed.

Sugar glider it requires adequate nutrition to be able to grow and develop properly.

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These nutrients include fat, protein, minerals and sugar.

You need to know, sugar glider they are omnivorous animals that usually eat fruits, vegetables and insects.

Sugar glider Pets can be given Hong Kong caterpillars, dried papaya, dried coconut without sulfur, yogurt, and nuts.

Sugar glider they also like food that can be licked, so they can be given apple puree or baby food.

5. Give friends to not be alone

how to maintain a sugar glider

You need to know, sugar glider they are animals that like to live together with their own kind.

So when you want to keep it sugar gliderit is recommended to keep a pair.

How to preserve sugar glider this should be a concern because they feel alone and stressed if they live alone.

In addition, you also invite often sugar glider socialize and play.


It is how to care for a sugar glider for beginners that you can learn.

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