How to store onions to last and stay fresh. Do you already know?

How to store onions to last and stay fresh. Do you already know?

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To survive in the long term, the leek should not be stored without care. If you don’t know how, take a look at how to store shallots so they last and stay fresh in this article!

Onions are one of the types of vegetables that are usually stored in large quantities.

The reason, this vegetable is often used as a complement because it can add to the taste of the kitchen.

Unfortunately, leeks rot quite easily, so they must be stored carefully.

Report from different sources, take a look at how to store leeks so that they are durable and stay, let’s go!

How to store onions to last

1. Store in Water

how to store leeks so that they last in water

The first way to store shallots to keep them fresh and fresh is to put them in water.

This step can be a solution if you want to use the leeks in a day or two later.

The storage process itself is quite easy.

Prepare a large glass or bottle in advance

Then, make it with a third of the water and put the root part of the leek in the container.

During storage, make sure the kitchen temperature is not too hot or humid.

If not, the leeks can go.

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Therefore, this method will be maximized if it is done in a cold and dry place.

2. Don’t Cut and Wash

Another way that can be done is not to cut and wash the leeks.

Onions sliced ​​and then stored in the refrigerator can actually cause unpleasant odors that can be absorbed by other foods.

3. Store in dry conditions

how to store leeks so that they last in a dry state


In addition to being cut and washed, leeks should be kept dry.

Before storing, wash and air dry vegetables with kitchen paper.

Then, separate the leeks and the stems, because the leaves tend to rot faster than the stems.

If it is forced to be stored at the same time, the trunk will rot even faster.

Once dry, place the shallots and stems in two separate plastic containers.

Cover tightly with plastic and place in the refrigerator so that the leeks last longer.

4. Plastic wrap

When you decide to store leeks in the refrigerator, be sure to wrap these types of vegetables in plastic.

When placed directly, the aroma can be absorbed by the food in the refrigerator.

So that this does not happen, you can use a plastic bag that has a hole.

There are holes in the type of plastic that is used to prevent the leeks from getting wet and rotting.

This way of storing leeks can make these vegetables last 10 days.

5. Use Sealed Containers

transparent closed container


Accidentally cooked leeks but don’t want to use them right away?

Just take advantage of closed or hermetic containers and store in the refrigerator.

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This way of storing leeks can at least make the vegetables last for one to two days.

6. Don’t Freeze

The next way to store leeks to last and stay fresh is not to freeze them when they will be stored inside freezer.

Freezing shallots actually changes the texture of the leaves to become mushy and make them taste bitter.

If you want to freeze this vegetable for extra soup, freeze it in small pieces.

Then, put the pieces of leek in an airtight container or a bottle of mineral water that has been washed.

This step can make the vegetables last up to three months.

With a long enough storage time, there is nothing wrong with sticking a sticker with the storage date on it.

This is done so that you can estimate when the time limit for scallions can still be used.


I hope the discussion on how to store leeks to last longer is over can be useful for Owners, yes!

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